The Slumbering Tsar

Foundation of Infamy
Holy traps batman!

Having now dealt all the denziens in the The Harrowed Lanes the party ascended to the next terrace following a road that climbed steeply and curved into the opening at the base of a tall stone tower. The octagonal tower stood 50 feet tall and completely blocked access to the terrace above save for its entry tunnel. Darius Huss and Bourne the Damned entered into the tunnel to find a gate to find an iron-banded gate slightly ajar. Not noticing anything they entered into the tower and were completely shocked when the whole structure ended up being a trap. The floor raised up smashing the two into the ceiling, the portcullis then fell on them doing more damage, which was then connected to a swinging wall which smashed them again into another wall. That wall was relieved to be false and as the two found themselves flung into a wall of of spears. All this destruction then revealed an ochre jelly that was then to finish off what remained of the victims.

Bourne the Damned easily dodged the traps and was eager to take on the jelly, however Darius Huss took the brunt of the damage which his damage reducing armor and active spells meant he came out better then one would expect. However if the jelly was not enough, another wall was revealed to be false and 9 black skeletons and their dread wraith leader attacked, launching fireballs from their necklace of fireballs. The gods where with the party as the necklace of fireballs didn’t explode when the dread wrath cast a fireball on one of the black skeletons wearing a necklace. Kypello Hilam and Mallark Illileriel then joined the other two in defeating the monsters.

The party then continued entering the heart of the necropolis that awaited, finding that the temperature drops noticeably, bringing a bone-numbing chill. The worn path ends at the base of the cliff where several ornate stone facades have been sculpted as the entrances to tombs. Other crypts stand along the path, their stone surfaces marked with the imbrue of time. Many of these vaults have been opened, their doorways black
hollows like the sockets of a skull. What awaiting there gave little resistance to the party and they continued on into a small park where a group of trolls resided. Again the party had little trouble dealing with the trolls, and found a The Nine Disciples at the heart of the troll encampment.

Next the party encountered a water fall coming down from the tier above, that formed into a pool of water with a dark inky center. The party assumed this could be the source of the The Missing River . The water pool then formed the basis of a river that extended further along. A menacing looking bridge stood over the river, where a huge spectral skull with ram’s curved horns flanking its fang-filled maw floated a few feat above the bridge’s aspect. The party decided to avoid the bridge completely and just flew over to the other side.

The domiciles of this terrace then started to crowd together forming a veritable maze of streets, alleys, squares and dead-ends. The northern portion of this neighborhood forms a hump or lowhill creating an ascending swell of huddled roofs and spires. At the hill’s peak is just visible a black steeple boldly rising above the surrounding chimney pots and gabled heights. The cracked and age-worn streets rising into this forbidding urban tangle seem to warn away all who might dare brave its crooked slopes and endless switchbacks. Bourne the Damned which quick to notice that a The Nine Disciples was sitting on the steeple of the church, but also the flying creatures that were in the skies. Kypello Hilam cast a spell which allowed the party to fly in a gaseous formy and then flew directly to the church and retrieved the statue.

The party then looked around the church and found a entrance leading down beneath the church. They entered into a vaulted chamber of ancient crumbling brick is stale and heavy. Heavy stone sarcophagi were placed haphazardly around the room, sealed under a layer of dust, their lids bearing the images of evil-looking robed men and women in repose. The party looked inside and were surprised to see 6 gorgons waiting for them. Mallark Illileriel recognized the creatures having a breath weapon that turned flesh to stone, and quickly cast a pit spell to stop them from coming out of the room. However before the other party members could react, the gorgons cast their breath weapons and turned all but Mallark Illileriel to stone. Mallark Illileriel then had to use his wits and movement abilities to move around and cast more pit spells to kill the gorgons. Darius Huss was then able to be freed from the stone statue he got cast as, and then he and Mallark Illileriel teleport-ed the party out.

King No More

The party decided that Thraestos needed to be dealt with, and decided an direct assault was their best option. After first scouting out the The Blood Pit where they saw Thraestos was present with only a one other creature – a undead dragon, they decided to attack.

Buffing almost all the spells they could, Kypello Hilam teleport-ed the party into direct striking range, and with three mighty blows Darius Huss took down the undead menace. The undead dragon was then controlled by Mallark Illileriel causing the combat to be over in 2 rounds. For their efforts, the party found one of the The Nine Disciples

Well that was unexpected
Return of a companion

The party decided that a preemptive strike to try and rescue Kypello Hilam brother was a viable tactic. The party attempted a scry spell to only find it resisted. Kypello Hilam used sending to tell her brother to stop resisting, and another scry was used. The brother was able to tell the party that he was taking into the deepest part of the sewers, but that is all he knew. Mallark Illileriel also attempted a scry but was unable to find out any more information.

Having to go back to the old fashion way of gathering information, Darius Huss and Thundaar went to the local sheriff to find out if there were any known people gone missing in the sewers, while Kypello Hilam and Mallark Illileriel went to the find any maps to the sewers. While Darius Huss and Thundaar were unsuccessful, Kypello Hilam and Mallark Illileriel were able to find the maps they were after, and the party then ventured into the sewers.

After a couple of hours, the party came to an opening, where a large bed was present, along with three other exits, two which were barred. As they entered, two hulking ogre looking creatures confronted the party asking who the party was. The party, in no mood to parlay after trudging through the sewers, bluntly asked where Kypello Hilam brother was, and was replied with a animalistic roar and charged at the party.

Mallark Illileriel reacted quickly creating a pit forcing the orge’s a reflex save, which they managed to make. Darius Huss and Thundaar then engaged with the orge’s, while Kypello Hilam healed Darius Huss who was being hit by the orge’s. Thundaar high armor class was keeping him from any major damage, and Mallark Illileriel determined the orge’s where infected by lycanthropy causes the orge’s to be more animalistic then regular orge’s. Thundaar finished off one orge, and then moved to flank with Darius Huss, but fell into Mallark Illileriel pit. Darius Huss then finished off the orge and Thundaar was extracted from the pit.

The caged tunnel lead to a cell which was clearly the one Kypello Hilam brother was being held, but the brother was not there. Seems that the party’s scry attempts had been noticed, and the brother moved. The party then headed to the warehouse to see if it could be taken before the meeting with the Warhol’s. Mallark Illileriel flying and invisible found that the warehouse was a hive of activity and heavily guarded with 12 gunsligners carrying blunderbuss’s. Mallark Illileriel easily was able to enter into the warehouse and noticed a trap door that lead to the sewers. The party went back to sewers and easily found the trap door entrance, that was not guarded, however an assault against 12 ranged combatants was not a fight the party able win without concerted effort.

The decision was made to send the message to the Warhol’s and meet at the warehouse at 10:30pm. A message was sent back to meet at midnight, the party was about to send one back to see to meet at 11pm, when the Genie the party had rescued from the The Crooked Tower appeared, and offered to return Bourne the Damned from the painting he was trapped in which they agreed to. Bourne the Damned magically appeared, and was caught up with the current dealings. Thundaar felt that his place finding Eunice was more important then anything the party was dealing with outside of Tsar, and let the party meet the Warhol’s without him.

The party staked out the warehouse hoping perhaps to intercept Kypello Hilam brother, however it was soon clear that the Warhol’s arrived via the sewers. The party buffed expecting a fight to occur, and then entered at the agreed time and was met by the new jersey accented man along with 3 of his fellow Warhols, and Kypello Hilam brother. The party asked the man if he knew what the charred box was really for, and was met with a reply that he didn’t care, he just is asked to procure and item and then he delivers. Just then Belishan the Bloodmage appeared behind the Warhol’s, ripping one of the heads off. “Thank you he said”, “I wanted to know who wanted the box, and now I know”, as he ripped another Warhol’s throat out. “For your reward”, killing another, “i’ve brought some friends”, and killing the last Warhol disappeared. Then in each corner of the warhouse a demon appeared, 3 Vrocks, and a Glabrezu…..

Bourne the Damned acted quickly, acrobatically getting behind the Glabrezu and grappling it, and before any one else could act, the Vrock’s started their Dance of Ruin . Mallark Illileriel used his dimensional step ability to get Kypello Hilam bother to safety. Darius Huss cast Righteous Might and prepared to meet the demons. The Vrock’s Dance of Ruin activated early – clearly these weren’t normal Vroks, but the party was able to save against the effects, and then the Vroks charged at Darius Huss releasing their spores as they did. Kypello Hilam started channelling positive energy to harm the demons thanks to his variant ability as Darius Huss vitally hit the Vroks no surrounding him realising that his holy hammer was not enough to get passed these mythic Vroks. Bourne the Damned kept grappling with the Glabrezu repositing it around so he could engage with the Vroks. Mallark Illileriel did something that helped that I can’t remember. Finally the demons were killed after some critical hits were scored.

Now Kypello Hilam brother was safe, the party then had a week to deal with Thraestos before he assaulted The Camp…..

Deals with demons
Don't look at strange paintings

The party with half a day till the man in the wheelchair could make good on their deal, split into to groups: Kypello Hilam and Bourne the Damned in one, and Mallark Illileriel and Bourne the Damned in the other.

Kypello Hilam and Darius Huss went to find the church of Thyr in the city, startling many in the streets of Reme as the sight of a 6ft 11 plate mail clad warrior priest, and a golden winged Aasimar striding their way through the city was a rarity compared to somewhere like Bard’s Gate. They found a run down church of Thyr and spoke to two monks who knew little and couldn’t answer anything Kypello Hilam and Darius Huss asked. Exhausted of the situation, Kypello Hilam and Darius Huss both gave the monks 10gp to fix up the chruch, and left.

Meanwhile Mallark Illileriel and Bourne the Damned ventured to the university and went to the research rooms. Used to dealing with the universities in Bard’s Gate ordered a acolyte to go find out information regarding the Antipaladin they had met in The Harrowed Lanes and the variant cult of Orcus. Mallark Illileriel . However the acolytes didn’t work like they did in Bard’s Gate and the entire room was shocked by the statement. The acolyte scampered off, while the master of the room came over to talk to the Mallark Illileriel and Bourne the Damned to find out what the commotion was about.

Mallark Illileriel apolised and explained he was after details of variant cult of [[Orcus | Orcus]. The master explained that like the churches of Thyr and Muir, the old churches have been replaced with the new churches that translate the teachings differently, and this is probably what has happened even with Orcus. So rather then bring him back to the material plane, they rather keep him in a place where they can “control” him. Satisfied with their answers, the two left leaving the acolyte Mallark Illileriel first spoke to a lifetime of research to complete, which when realizing that is how this acolytes worked, Mallark Illileriel as for a proof copy in short order.

The party then was able to sell many of the items to a black market dealer the found in the treasury, and upgraded some of the gear. They also went around asking about hiring an army or at least mercenaries to fight Thraestos undead horde. Every where they we replied with “you be better asking in ”/wikis/bards-gate" class=“wiki-page-link”> Bard’s Gate).

They then meet at an inn, where they pass the time until they were to meet back with the man in the wheelchair. Mallark Illileriel took the time to identify the item from inside the emerald model, again without success due to its near artifact level magics. At 11pm they left the inn to arrive at the man in the wheelchairs residence by 11:30pm.

When they arrived, the where shown to a 40 ft by 40ft room where the man in the wheelchair was waiting. He explained in order to gain the knowledge, he needed to summon a creature via a gate spell and then needed to ward against the creature escaping, hence the cold iron dust inlaid in resin in a circle in the centre of the room. Darius Huss surmised that the creature would be a demon, having hard of such things before. Bourne the Damned said that he could not be part of any ritual involving a demon, having a deep hatred for them, and left the room to leave the three remaining party members with the man in the chair. The doors were then closed to the room and the man in the chair cast the gate spell.

A towering, corpulent beast, with the hideous head of a boar and arms ending in fatty, four-fingered hands emerged through the gate. Mallark Illileriel identified the creature as a Nalfeshnee demon. The party spoke with the demon to answer the questions the man in the wheelchair had promised. The Nalfeshnee said it would only answer question if it was giving a secret worthy of the answers it gave. After pausing for a while, Darius Huss admitted that the church of Thyr had covered up Darius Huss killing all in a village that had been corrupted in a village, even though some may not have been corrupted. However the demon laughed that off claiming that is that churches do best, cover up the dealings of its clerics. Mallark Illileriel then told the demon of the Antipaladin and the variant church of Orcus and how they didn’t want Orcus to return. The Nalfeshnee found that hilarious and agreed they was sufficient to answer the questions.

The first question asked was “Where, exactly, will we find the burnt wooden box owned by Belshan the Blood Mage that we are looking for?” The demon tried to give a vague answer of inside Tsar, and was needed to be pushed to revel that Belishan the Bloodmage would keep an item close to him if not in his coffin.

The second question asked was “What specific and detailed tactics could we most effectively use to defeat Thrastos and prevent the destruction of the camp and Bard’s Gate?” Which he replied they should hire an army to repeal his horde… the same solution the party had come up with.

Darius Huss then asked a question remembering that Bourne the Damned was always interested in what was in the cedar box, “What is inside the cedar box”. Before the demon could speak, a pale white figure in blood red robes appeared from the shadows “Why the The Usurers’ soul of course!. But you have annoyed me to no end with your shenanigans inside my tower, and now you will suffer for it”. He then scrapped his foot across the cold iron circle, breaking the seal, releasing the demon to attack.

The Nalfeshnee first used its Unholy Nimbus, that Kypello Hilam failed to save against, and became dazzed. Hearing combat Bourne the Damned came back into the room and seeing Kypello Hilam dazed, picked her up and moved her outside the room. Darius Huss cast Righteous Might and then engaged with the Nalfeshnee, as Mallark Illileriel started a summoning spell. However the Nalfeshnee didn’t want to engage with Darius Huss rather attack the good aligned characters, used its teleport ability to go into the same room that Bourne the Damned moved Kypello Hilam to. Darius Huss followed striking the demon with his holy hammer. Mallark Illileriel dinosaur arrived and landed blows, while the Nalfeshnee focused on the dazed Kypello Hilam and crashed out of the room. The remaining party followed and before the Nalfeshnee could teleport, took the demon down.

The party went and questioned the man in the wheelchair about why Belishan the Bloodmage was allowed in his residence, which we replied that he has done deals with many powerful beings over the years, and Belishan the Bloodmage was one of the oldest beings to have dealings with. He explained that Belishan the Bloodmage resided in The Crooked Tower in the days of Tsar, but no one knew when he first arrived or where he came from. Such was his authority and power that when the rulers of Tsar elected to flee the city and draw The Army of Light in pursuit, emptying the city of inhabitants in the process. Belishan desired and was allowed to remain behind to complete his own ongoing schemes and ensure that ensure that all went according to plan of the priesthood. After completing his task, he was to rejoin the disciples of Orcus, however he chose to ignore his orders.

At the appointed time it was Belshian that activated the spell that tore he citidal from the mortal plane and sent it spinning among the planes. In a final act of definance, rather than allowing Disciples to be magically and randomly scattered, Belishan instead used his powers to snare one of the disciple statues for himself as a trophy to his own ingenuity. The result was the same except that instead of all ten statues being scattered across the entire world, one of them remained anchored in place causing the others to scatter only throughout the city itself.

The party then agreed they will have to deal with Belishan the Bloodmage in one way or another to not only get the cedar box, but also one of the The Nine Disciples. So they decided to return to the The Crooked Tower and ventured back to the Treasury room. There they saw the emerald miniature returned know summarise that Belishan took it back from the man in the wheelchair as punishment. Bourne the Damned went forward into a room room with a warm glow combined with a cheery blaze burning on the hearth. A beautifully carved, wooden desk stood against the west wall with a comfortable chair. Books and sheaves of paper sat upon the desk next to an inkwell and quill, a small sandbox beside them. The desk has several brass-handled drawers with ornate locks. A triple arch supported by two columns exits into a darkened room to the north. A cool breeze emanates through this arch swirling thin mists that lurk beyond. Three portraits hanged on the walls of this room: An ageless, silverhaired woman with a severe expression on the east wall; a jolly, rotund man standing next to laden table hangs above the mantle; and a young, dark-haired child with large, haunted eyes hangs above the desk.

As Bourne the Damned entered the room and looked at the portrait of a stern woman, he felt himself under magical attack that using his superior monk abilities was able to shrug off. However when looking at the portrait of the Jolly Glutton, he felt a magical force and found himself inside the painting facing a exact copy of himself. The replica attacked Bourne the Damned in the exact same manner Bourne the Damned would, and he found himself in an endless combat unable to hit himself, and his replica unable to hit him. Mallark Illileriel tried a dispel magic spell with no effect, and then decided to cast acid splash on the painting thinking perhaps damaging the painting would eject Bourne the Damned. However the gods were not with Bourne the Damned and he was not ejected and remained inside the strange extra dimension watching it dissolve from the acid…..

Holy treasure room batman!
Side trip to Reme

After praying to Thyr, Muir, and their nameless sibling for all of the night, Darius Huss received the boon of gaining another level in his crusader cleric class. Then in the morning after having their almost compulsory Heroes’ Feast, the party was teleport-ed by Mallark Illileriel to the guard room where the Thessalhydra was defeated. They ascended the stairs then upto the second level and into a display room with another staircase rising to the floor above.

In the open floor between the staircases they found three statues. Each appeared skillfully rendered, life-size depiction of an armor-clad knight. One wore a tabard with the image of a longsword — symbol of the goddess Muir. Another was badly decomposed as if depicting a knight who fell in the long-ago war. As soon as the party entered the room the statues attacked, revealing themselves to be Stone Zombies. However the creatures proved little problem for the party with both Darius Huss and Kypello Hilam carrying Adamantine hammers.

The party ventured into the next room to find blocks of stone in various states of sculpting are arrayed around the room on plinths and tables. Various stone-working tools — chisels, files, hammers, sand-coated cords, scrapers, and sand-coated paper — were strewn upon table and floors alike. Easels with charcoal sketches of works in progress and future works stood about along with several statues near completion. The floor was littered with rubble and tiny stone fragments, and every surface bears a coat of gritty dust. Five lifelike statues were also in the room, and 4 quickly changed into Stone Zombies and attacked the party. Like before, proving to be little problem.

The next room was elegantly appointed with plush chairs and divans, mahogany end tables bearing crystal carafes and goblets, exotic carpets and tapestries, and everywhere exquisite statuary in a dozen different types of stone. However all had aged with time and are threadbare, dried and cracked with age or chipped. The statues however didn’t come to life, rather stood silent. Looking around Bourne the Damned noticed a small crack in the motor which Darius Huss summarized could be used by vampires in gaseous form. So he stayed on guard as the party continued to search.

The room to the north had its entire east wall covered with a large frieze composed of dozens of naked figures intertwined in torment. Plaintive faces mouthing silent wails stared out from their prison of stone, their reaching hands grasping at a freedom ever beyond their grasp. Inside the room stood a bugbear who was observing the freize. He turned and spoke to the party, claiming he was a member of the cult of Hel, Lady of Pestilence and Death, and had come to the tower to explore a a possible alliance with Belishan the Bloodmage. However when he noticed the symbols of Thyr proudly worn by Darius Huss and Kypello Hilam, he was enraged and attacked the party.

Mallark Illileriel quickly cast a pit spell to force the bugbear to into following a path wear the party could attack from multiple sides to attack the party, as Bourne the Damned and Darius Huss moved into positions to flank. However rather then fighting the party, the bugbear quickly up a set of stairs leading up to the next level. Not eager to chase the bugbear up into the next level, the party decided not to pursue, and rather stayed to investigate the frieze some more.

Being the best to investigate magic, Mallark Illileriel entered the room, and felt immediately an urge to be nauseated, which was easily overcome. Trying to recall some knowledge about the frieze, he felt his soul being pulled into the frieze, and had to rely on his power of the arcane to avoid the effect. The party decided the room was too dangerous and decided to continue on.

Darius Huss went back to guarding over the vampire vent, while Bourne the Damned proceeded east. His sneaking ability proved too good for even two greater shadows to spot Bourne the Damned. They only attacked once Bourne the Damned returning claiming the next room as clear. The shadows were quickly defeated no party member taking any ability damage from the incorporeal undead creatures.

The next room proved to be the balcony of the floor below, and the Dire wolfs which patrolled the area knew better to challenge the party. However the only member to have to traverse around to the east wall was Darius Huss, as Kypello Hilam & Mallark Illileriel could fly, and Bourne the Damned simply jumped the distance between the two balconies. The door lead out to a parapet, that proved uneventful. However Mallark Illileriel made sure he became familiar enough with the parapet to be able to teleport back without error.

The party went back inside, and ascended up the staircase into a round chamber, with stairs ascending once more. In the centre of the chamber between the stairs was a tall sideboard of dark oak with a mirrored back. Several colourful bottles and rows of crystal goblets and brandy snifters sat upon it. Three bar stools stand before it and standing next to them is a wooden pipe stand holding several finely carved meerschaum pipes. What was more noticeable however was the stench of death. Quickly the party found the source of the smell. Stuffed into the centre door at an awkward angle was the naked corpse of a human male who had begun to decompose. Pulling the body out, the corpse’s face was swollen and black, its purplish tongue protruding. It was summarised the corpse had been poisoned and hidden in the side board .

Upon investigating the room, Bourne the Damned found a secret door leading to what could only be described as a treasury.

Guttering torches with blue flames are mounted in brackets giving the room a mysterious cyan aura. Set into the far wall is a circle of nine large gems. Five of them gleam with a brownish luster; the other four are a dull gray. Stacked around the room are chests and bowls overflowing with coins and gems, rolls of fine textiles, and racks holding exquisite weapons, armor and garments. In the center of the room stands an ornate pedestal carved from a single elephant’s tusk. Bands of writing in bas-relief wrap around the podium, and atop it sits some sort of green ornament or model.

Standing motionless before the pedestal was a dark-cloaked figure his back turned to the party. Bourne the Damned entered the room to investigate the figure who appeared to be surrounded in a nimbus of amber light, and did not react even when interacted with. Bourne the Damned then investigated the bas-relief writing on the pedestal that read "Woe to you who would invade my vault. Enjoy my hospitality and ponder awhile upon your folly before I slake my thirst upon your soul.”

When Mallark Illileriel entered to look at the pedistal, he read the bas-relief writing and then was engulfed in a nimbus of amber light. Fearing they two would be affected Kypello Hilam and Darius Huss tried to think of ways to remove the effect from Mallark Illileriel, while Bourne the Damned went around and collected all the treasure in the portable hole. He was then extra careful to remove from atop the pedestal a fantastically carved palace in miniature. The miniature crafted from green stone and is delicately carved into a hanging palace built upon the side of a steep cliff. The details include trees, windows, doors, and even stonework in individual relief. Bourne the Damned was able to spot that another item was inside the miniature but was unsure to retrieve it, so remained until Mallark Illileriel could identify it.

Kypello Hilam attempted to dispel magic the effect on Mallark Illileriel without success. The party then agreed on to exit Tsar and camp at the The Crossroads (where they had previously successfully camped before), and in the morning Kypello Hilam prepare as many Dispel Magic as she could to remove the effect on Mallark Illileriel . The party placed Mallark Illileriel and the other elf inside the portable hole, and ventured on foot to go and camp at the The Crossroads where they had previously successfully camped before.

In the morning Kypello Hilam prepared the Dispel Magic spells and was successful on her second attempt. With Mallark Illileriel returned, he failed to identity the item inside the miniature and decided to keep the item in place for now.

With more Dispel Magic remaining Kypello Hilam dispelled the effect upon the elf. The elf revealed his name as Kendral and he was contracted by the man in the wheelchair from the city named Reme to find a the legendary emerald know as the “Tu Chai Palace” that was revealed to be inside The Crooked Tower Treasury. He managed to find his way to the Treasury avoiding all the things the party had encountered, but was on the verge of being discovered by the majordomo, and killed him before he could raise the alarm and stuffed his body in the sideboard before entering the treasury, and that is what he last remembers.

The party revealed they had found such an item, and would only turn it over to the man in the wheelchair themselves as if the man in the wheelchair knew about the “Tu Chai Palace”, they might know more about the cedar box the party was looking for. Kendral agreed and said he had a teleport spell attuned for the man in the wheelchair residence, and that they could travel directly there.

Arriving at the residence, Kendral went inside to find the man in the wheelchair leaving the party alone long enough for the party to summarise that the contractor really wanted was the [[Ashes of Amnu-Paket | item] inside the emerald palace, Mallark Illileriel retrieved the item before the Kendral and the man in the wheelchair returned as it was too valuable an item to depart with.

In exchange for handing over the “Tu Chai Palace”, the party inquired if they could use the man in the wheelchair resources to find an item they are seeking in The Crooked Tower. The contractor agreed and said the party could have two questions asked about anything which would take 24 hours to prepare the ritual to find these out. They could not leave the contractors residence via magical means, so the party decided to spend the day in Reme selling all the items they had found in the treasure room.

It had to be rats!
and did someone says wraiths?

The party returned to The Crooked Tower and continued exploring. Using a key the had found earlier, they entered into a vault that opened off a small alcove. Its floor dropped away into a burial crypt. A narrow stair, hugging the wall, descended 12 feet to the floor below, where a seething mass of large, brown, crawling bodies crowding between stone boxes holding the mortal remains of those interred long ago. The walls were likewise coffered to a height of 10 feet with niches for lesser burials, their contents long since ransacked by the squirming hordes of dire rats that now inhabit the chamber.

Some debate occurred to how to best deal with the rat swarms, after Mallark Illileriel detected magic in the room. Bourne the Damned entered the room setting off the sliding wall trap, however, with his superior monk skills was able to dodge the trap. With that four feral vampire spawns attacked. Darius Huss quickly took a spawn down with his holy earthbreaker, but before he could stab it with a wooden stake, the spawn used its gaseous form ability to get away. Kypello Hilam channeled positive energy to harm undead, and damaged all but the party. Soon the dead rats had pilled up, and one other spawn had escaped using gaseous form. Inside the stone boxes reveilved to be sarcophagus, the party found amount other things gloves of swimming and climbing. Which Darius Huss put on under his gauntlets.

A set of doors lead off the crypt to the south, that was found to be magically locked. Without any method of removing the lock due to certain spells not being prepared, the party decided to leave this room, and go back up to previous floor to continue investigating that floor. Ascending a set of stairs, they first entered a room with a large boiler long since corroded and beyond use. The room to the south appeared to be a kitchen, but again had its floor covered in rats. The party then decided to open the door to the north.

Upon opening the door, the sight of the room caused the parties gorge to rise. The dried remnants of feces, blood and all manner of filth coated the floor and smears the walls of the chamber. There were no furnishings other than the frayed remains of a few woven pallets. Strewn about the room are the skeletal remains of at least a dozen humans, some of the remains conspicuously dismembered. As a result of opening the door, the 12 wraiths that had risen from the horrific scene, and decided then to seek revenge on the living.

They quickly spread out to attack the party, and Kypello Hilam quickly reacted to channeled positive energy to harm undead that caused a large amount of damage to the wraiths. Darius Huss shrugged off the wraiths attacks with his deathless enchantment proving a worthwhile investment preventing any negative energy damage. A second positive energy burst from Kypello Hilam took many of the wraiths down, leaving the rest to be mopped up by the party easily. The result saw Kypello Hilam having taking ability damage, which was partially removed by Darius Huss using a lesser restoration spell.

Kypello Hilam chagrined by the wraiths, walked into the kitchen and dropped a chaos hammer on the rats, destroying them all. A door to the south open into a room with meat hooks dangling from the ceiling. Upon the hooks were suspended dozens of butchered corpses — many of them humanoid corpses. Limbs appeared to have been thrown haphazardly into the corners, as if cuts of meat too base for attention. Flies buzzed about in clouds. A large chopping block occupied the center of the room, its top scarred by years of use. Embedded in its surface was an ornate handaxe of some black metal. Strangely, though great butchery has obviously occurred here, there is not a drop of blood marring the room’s surfaces. As the hand axe detected as magic, Mallark Illileriel went to identify the hammer, finding himself suddenly in a battle of wit intelligence residing in the hand axe. Losing the battle Mallark Illileriel attempted to attack Bourne the Damned without sucess, forcing the party to hold Mallark Illileriel down until he regained his senses. The hand axe revealed itself to Mallark Illileriel as being the Exsanguinator and that to be wielded, it needed to be fed blood at any chance, and reminds Mallark Illileriel of this at every opportunity.

Moving into the room that encapsulated the circular staircase in the south east corner of the building, the party was greeted by a cacophony of hissing bellows. Filling the centre of the chamber was a creature out of nightmare with brownish-green scales, a lizard’s body ending in a pincer-like tail, and many long, snakelike heads surrounding a central maw. Something inside Mallark Illileriel prompted him to immediately attack, which Bourne the Damned and Darius Huss quickly took down. It seemed that Mallark Illileriel did not have full control of the Exsanguinator, and decided that this would be a good time to teleport the party back to The Camp and use this room as a location to teleport back to when they returned.

Thraestos is watching you...
Mordecai’s Doom undone

Not knowing any better, Darius Huss strode into the Bed and Breakfast Inn to confront the evil ex party members, only to find the main room filled with mercenaries and Lucky Bjorc Balsam feverishly working behind the bar. Bourne the Damned however noticed a pale and skin flaking Alchemist at the bar, and went up to talk to him.

The Alchemist explained that he and his companion (a polearm wielding fighter standing in the corner) worked for Thraestos and that Thraestos wants to dine the parties souls for what they did with the Battlehulk, and for also what they have been doing inside Tsar. Thraestos knows exactly what the party has been doing as he is always watching. Thraestos wants the party to give themselves to him within the next new moon (3 weeks) otherwise he would unleash an army of undead onto The Camp and then onto Bard’s Gate and then onto the world!!!! cough cough cough. This initiated the quest Return of the Giant-King. Before they left, Bourne the Damned tried to talk to the polearm fighter, only to see in the fighters eyes that the adventurer he knew was no longer there.

The party then ate a dinner, and decided they should go speak with some residents about Belishan the Bloodmage. Outside Kypello Hilam questioned George the Tailor who was showing off a new hat freshly skinned. Darius Huss questioned that if George should be judge for his crimes, and George explained that The Camp was for people wanting to escape normal society were they could not be judged or punished. Darius Huss being of Lawful neutral alignment could not argue against the law of the land, and left without laying a hand on George.

The party first went and spoke with ghoul undertaker to see if he knew anything of Belishan the Bloodmage, which he did not, but did mention that he felt the call of Thraestos but all the bodies The Camp provided was all that he needed. He suggested that Father Death may know something. The party then went and spoke with Father Death who wasn’t able to help with either Belishan the Bloodmage or Thraestos.

Going back to the Bed and Breakfast Inn Bourne the Damned noticed the scent of his ex fiance and when enquiring Lucky Bjorc Balsam found out that someone matching her appearance had an room upstairs. The party followed Bourne the Damned to the room, however she was not there, instead Bourne the Damned found a note saying that she was to do to Bourne what he did to her……

The party then slept the night, and in the morning Darius Huss prepared Heroes Feast, and after dining on the meal Kypello Hilam teleported the party (minus Kaito who slept in) back to The Smithy. As Mallark Illileriel had not prepared Air Walk the only way out was up a wide, step stair cut into the bluff ascending upwards. The steps were covered by red tiles of cracked clay embossed with tiny images. At either end of each step, next to the climbing walls of the rock, were small stone statuettes depicting robed men in postures of prayer or penance, many cracked or broken off altogether.

Upon investigating. the robed statues seem to depict simple priests or pilgrims; their features seem benign, though they are worn beyond recognition and are obviously of extremely ancient make. The small images on the tiles are of three alternating patterns, also worn with age almost to the point illegibility. The patterns are framed in elaborate scrollwork, and the first two depict a longsword and a cross, respectively. The third pattern is merely blank within its curling frame. The first two patterns were recognizable as the symbols of the deities of Thyr and Muir. There were thousands of these tiles upon the giant stair, each depicting one of these three images.

Upon ascending the stair, Bourne the Damned noticed a dark shadow, and used his Gem of Seeing to reveal the monster lurking within. What was revealed was a huge devourer, and Bourne the Damned quickly engaged with the devourer dealing some blows, however the devourer managed to land its own blows draining Bourne the Damned of two negative levels.

Darius Huss cast Righteous Might and pulled out his Rod of Quicken Metamagic to cast some more spells to engage the devourer, while Mallark Illileriel doubted the parties chances of defeating the devourer, however cast Haste on the party. Kypello Hilam reacted quickly to cast Death Ward on Bourne the Damned to stop him from feeling the effects of the negative levels, but not removing them all together.

Bourne the Damned kept landing blows on the devourer while Mallark Illileriel started a summon to help in the combat. Darius Huss cast Divine Power and Shield of Faith and moved in to engage the devourer, but as Darius Huss moved in the devourer caught a glimpse of Hammer of Mordecais Doom Darius Huss was carrying, and lashed out at Darius Huss trying to drain Darius Huss of his soul. However the light was with Darius Huss, and even though he was damaged, managed to save against the more dire effect of the supernatural ability.

Kypello Hilam channelled positive energy to heal Bourne the Damned and Darius Huss, and Mallark Illileriel summon of a large dinosour placing it in a flanking position. When Darius Huss finally engaged in direct combat with the devourer, with his first blow landed a critical hit, followed by two more decisive hits, taking the massive creature down. Unbeknowest the party has completed the quest Defeat the devourer as the devourer was known as Mordecai’s Doom, and linked to the Curse on the Hammer of Mordecais Doom.

With the defeat of the devourer, the essence of Mordecai was freed. It transformed into a brightly glowing dove of pure white light. A sense of peace came over the accursed stair and the glowing soul flutters about the characters’ heads. A whisper comes to their minds telepathically saying “Use the hammer to awaken the shield and put the sleeper to rest.” It then fluttered away and disappeared into the sky. A faint crackling sound was heard on the steps, and the party noticed that the tiles that had merely framed a blank space now had the image of a kite shield etched into their surface. Darius Huss held the Hammer of Mordecais Doom to see if the curse still remained, which still did, but seemed lessened with the defeat of Mordecai’s Doom.

The party then ascended the remaining stairs (now referred to as Mordecais Stair) back into The Harrowed Lanes, and then travelled south in the direction of The Crooked Tower. On the way, similar to how a previous party member had been attacked many times and finally killed, an arrow came out of nowhere hitting Darius Huss in his neck. However the light of Thyr being with Darius Huss managed to save against the secondary effect of the arrow. Bourne the Damned with his superior vision, spotted a glint from a second story of a line spire, its base set into the side of the cliff, and the party approached to defeat the assassin.

The spire looked very precarious and portions of it have crumbled, leaving gaping holes in its structure. To hamper the assassin, Mallark Illileriel cast Obscuring Mist to make the party hidden from the assassins arrows. Bourne the Damned and Kypello Hilam moved quickly into the spire using their superior monk movement skills and wings. Darius Huss moved slowly towards the tower unsure his weight would be supported. Suddenly three more arrows came at Bourne the Damned from behind, this time however all three missed their mark and went flying over the cliff to the grunge below. Mallark Illileriel heard Darius Huss coff about how the assassin missed his mark, and moved to the other side of Mallark Illileriel and spotted the assassin. Quickly he cast Faire Fire illuminating the assassin, and the others all move to engage the assassin. However the assassin had other ideas, and cast Dimension Door to go retrieve the 3 arrows of superior slaying it just shot and missed at Darius Huss.

The combat then over, the party looked out over the cliff towards The Blood Pit to check on Thraestos progress. Even from the distance, they could visible see Thraestos stop what it was doing and look up towards the cliff at the party location as he did indeed know where the party was all the time. The thoughts of building trebuchets or casting Fireball from the location cross the party minds, but they decided to move onto the The Crooked Tower. However as seasoned adventures they searched the tower to find sort of camp with a note book with the characters portraits, indicating that someone or something had hired the assassin to kill the party. This location was then know as the Fallen Tower.

The harrowed lanes ended into a path of blood-red crushed gravel where an eerie tower stood on the edge of the cliff. Its silent windows look down like dark eyes, and the lichen-encrusted walls of gray stone give off an aura of menace. The foreboding appearance of the great house is matched only by the decorative statue that stands where the path splits, heading to the main stair and the lower stables. This artwork matches the macabre feel of the tower with a hint of mortal terror thrown in. The statue depicts some sort of fantastical
tentacled horror standing on three stumpy legs. A beaklike mouth protrudes in the midst of a naturally growing beard of thick moss that coats the central portion of the stone relief.

The adventure then ended for another day…

What happens in Bard's gate.....
Shenanigans happened

Mallark Illileriel used teleport to transport the party to the outskirts of Bard’s Gate, and then went to sell the items the party had agreed to depart with leaving him out of the Shenanigans to occur while the party was in Bard’s gate.

Darius Huss and Kypello Hilam were eager to speak with the High Priest of Thyr about various topics, and headed to the temple district first. There the party spoke with the High Priest and told him of the anti-paladin and the plans to bring back the citidal of Orcus to Rappan Athuk. The High Priest instructed they should stop the anti-paladin and continue to cleanse the Temple-City of Tsar as they have been doing and if bringing the citadel back was a way to smite Orcus a final blow.

When asked about the Vampire that resides in the The Crooked Tower he mentioned that because of the pall over Tsar, the old fashion way of wooden stake through the heart, and head severed and anointed with holy water would be the best to kill a vampire. When pressed about using the vampire to help defeat the storm giant Thraestos, he gave Kypello Hilam and Darius Huss dispensation to work with evil, so long as they’re not corrupted.

The party then ventured to the Bard’s College to do some research on various subjects. On the way Kypello Hilam asked around abouit George the Tailor and discovered that George is some kind of serial killer that makes leather clothing out of his victims. He was run out of Bard’s Gate using a geas. They also meet up with a solider Kaito from the order of light which was started by a former party member as the militant arm of the Triumverate of Light.

Bourne the Damned did some inquiries into his ex-wife as he had been receiving roses from an anonymous source. He discovered she has come back on the scene seeking to do him damage for leaving her. She went north and came back changed.

Once they got to the Bard’s College they found a researcher with a thick Irish/North of England accent who was able to give the party some answers:

  • The Hammer of Three Gods that Darius Huss carries with him, is actually know as the Hammer of Mordecais Doom. The hammer belonged to the last high priest of both Thyr and Muir in the Monastery of St Harul before it was corrupted. He was killed and consumed by a devourer that still resides somewhere in Tsar, and Mordecai’s soul is in torment and in need of freeing. This will help in removing the curse upon the hammer.
  • The The Nine Disciples are actually the husks of top ranking servants that were used to fuel a planar rift that shunted the Citadel somewhere else. Now they are the components to a spell that will bring back the Citadel of Orcus. Assembling all of them in the right place will return the Citadel to the material plane.

Upon hearing other accounts of the party, the researcher agreed to do digging into Tsar for free because as he thinks the party is hilarious in their suicidal tendencies, and is now chronicling the parties misadventures. The party signed over their life rights and likeness for storytelling purposes.

The party then retired to a inn known for Paladin and Holy adventurers, and Kypello Hilam received a note to meet someone in a warehouse “downtown” at midnight. The party ate a hearty meal and a hot bath and then at decided to head to the said warehouse and be there at an hour before midnight for a reconnaissance.

On the way to the warehouse, the party was attacked by a group of murderous thugs bent on stealing the parties cash and gear that Mallark Illileriel had been selling for the party. Apparently selling that amount of items was breaking the economy everywhere, and this was the consequence of such an action.

A brutal fight ensued with Kaito blinded by the thug wizard early in the battle. This did little to stop Andrew’s Fighter as he has specialised in fighting things that couldn’t be seen. Bourne the Damned quickly grappled two of the thus, while Darius Huss engaged the thug that had come up from behind the party.

The thug wizard cast the first of two maximized fireball at the party, which stupidly forgot to not damage himself and then was downed by Kaito. However the thug cleric was able to bring the thug wizard back with Breath of Life. Bourne the Damned thinking the thugs he grappled were fighters, released them to land in some blows, but it was Darius Huss who realized they were actually rogues and he was first tripped by one and then subsequently flanked and sneak attacked multiple times. The thug wizard dropped his second maximized fireball at the party that downed Kypello Hilam. Darius Huss risked his life crawling over to Kypello Hilam to cast Breath of Life on her, only doing so with a handful of hit points left.

Kaito took down the thug cleric, but was hit with a maximized scorching ray from the thug wizard that downed him. Kypello Hilam couldn’t reach Kaito in time to stop death’s grip with Breath of Life , and Kaito passed from the mortal coil. The other thugs were taken down by Bourne the Damned and Darius Huss swinging his earthbreaker on the ground, but the thug wizard ran away. The party was left reeling from the fight and made a pact to fight more as a team in the future. The loot from the thugs would then go to the Resurrection costs to bring Kaito back from the dead.

The party continued onto the Warehouse, to meet a group of gangsters lead by one with a Jersey accent. He told Kypello Hilam that her brother in Bard’s Gate has been taken hostage, and to have him returned in one piece, he wants the party to retrieve a charred cedar box from Belshan the vampire in The Crooked Tower within 2 weeks or they kill the brother. The party agreed already planing to assault the tower soon gaining the quest Hostage Negotiations.

They returned to the Inn, and in the morning Kaito was brought back to life. The party then decided when they would head back to The Camp they would speak to the various denziens more about Belishan the Bloodmage. They planned to speak to in order: The Undertaker, The Usurer , The Peddler, and the Ghost in the desolation.

Mallark Illileriel then teleport-ed the party back to The Camp. When they arrived they noticed the rangers that resided in the camp were not present. And when about to enter the Bed and Breakfast, were told that three of the ex-characters inside of Tsar that turned evil when they succumbed to the taint of Tsar, were waiting inside to speak to the party, and someone matching Bourne the Damned ex-wife may be in there as well…..

This will have to happen in the next adventure.

Battle at the Ruined Estate
Encounter with a Boss

The party ventured into the Ruined Estate having buffed somewhat expecting a fight to break out as soon as they entered. To their surprise the fire giants disguised as dwarves didn’t attack on site, rather they invited the party lead by Bourne the Damned to join them at a fire for mutton and a round of ale. Bourne the Damned accepted and moved over to the fire, while Darius Huss under the effects of Righteous Might stayed a short distance back, with Kypello Hilam flying a distance back again, and Mallark Illileriel flying and invisible to the side.

Bourne the Damned already knowing the dwarves where fire giants, quickly discerned the mutton was something else, and when he questions the fire giants, the fire giants attacked. From within the building came out female fire giant who immediately cast fireball onto Bourne the Damned and the fire giants, which Bourne the Damned easily evaded and the fire giants took no damage. Along with the female fire giant, another fire giant and three hag creatures exited from the building casting spells at the party, and for a moment the party thought they were in serious trouble.

Mallark Illileriel cast Displacement on Darius Huss which in the ensuing battle allowed Darius Huss to survive an onslaught of attacks from three of the fire giants and the female fire giant later. The other two fiant giants concetrated their attack on Bourne the Damned who easily evaded the attacks but struggled to take brutes down even when Haste was cast by Mallark Illileriel.

One of the hags concentrated on Kypello Hilam summoning up three Spiritual Weapon to attack her, however she was able to still to heal Darius Huss when some attacks were able to get past the Displacement effect, and summoned up a Spiritual Ally to help in flanks. Mallark Illileriel summoned up creatures that were able to provide backup to Bourne the Damned and Bourne the Damned by first casting Cure Serious Wounds, and then Lighting Bolting the fire giants. He followed these up with a succubus to try and charm one of the fire giants, and then a earth elemental to backup Bourne the Damned. He finally was able to Dominate one of the Fire giants to attack the female fire giant, and was killed in the attacks of opportunity that followed.

Darius Huss now with every buff possible was a near unstoppable landing massive blows on the female fire giant who was unable to land a single hit on Darius Huss thanks to the Displacement spell. Bourne the Damned finished off his combatants with help of the Earth Elemental and Spiritual Ally, and soon the battle was one with both Mallark Illileriel and Kypello Hilam having used half of their spells.

Upon investigating of the building inside, the party discovered that the creatures had been under an effect of a veil spell and that the Ruined Estate had become the base of a covey of hag sisters. Of note an Orb of Storms was found. The area is now referred to as the Covey of The Sisters.

The party then decided to continue into the The Harrowed Lanes. Unlike the grunge, the buildings here was not damaged and had be built upon over the years causing some passage ways through to be only 10 feet wide. During one such passage way, Bourne the Damned heard something from his past, and caused him to freeze. The other three party members where then attacked by two Vrok demons which were easily dispatched.

However then the party felt all their magic stop working as the sound of chanting came around the corner. A 6ft 4’ anti-paladin wearing the symbol of Orcus approached with three cultists chanting the words from a scroll causing an Antimagic Field. Unlike the party the anti-paladin didn’t seem phased by the Antimagic Field and spoke to the party telling them he had been watching what they had been doing and wanting them to stop bring Orcus to Temple-City of Tsar or else….. Darius Huss spoke to challenge the anti-paladin the the crusade was righteous, but received a blow from the anti-paladin for speaking. Darius Huss responded this time more aggressively showing the Hammer of Three Gods and speaking of the curse on it, only to receive another blow by the anti-paladin causing Darius Huss to jaw to become dislocated.

The Anti-paladin described that he wanted to bring Orcus back but not within Tsar, but rather in same forest where the The Army of Light had disappeared, now known as the dungeon of Rappan Athuk, and the party needs to stop what they are doing based on an crusade that happened hundreds of years earlier by Thyr, Muir and the nameless god, otherwise they would be dealt with. Little could be said that the anti-paladin would hear, and then left the party to consider that a separate cult of Orcus had risen in the temple city in the absence of the God of Undeath. Darius Huss and Kypello Hilam agreed that this news had to be taken back to Church in Bard’s Gate, which the party agreed to and saw as an opportunity to sell off the items they have found and upgrade some of their gear.

This would have to be done in the next adventure.

Entering the Harrowed Lanes
Completion of a quest

After spending the night at The Camp, Kypello Hilam felt drowsy, but Darius Huss Heroes’ Feast soon made her feel better. The party decided to teleport back to The Missing River thanks to Mallark Illileriel, where they journeyed into the next cavern from where they had left. In the next cavern they encountered a Tentacled Horror, which was quickly dispatched by the party. During the fight however Kypello Hilam noticed leeches rising from underneath herself, and unbeknown to the party the leeches were whispering to Kypello Hilam. However she never responded thinking the phenomenon was just local to this part of The Missing River with the leech monster encountered in the previous cavern. The last cavern now explored, the party exited the river system at the waterfall in the The Dread Swamp.

The party having noticed the Lower Plateau earlier, used their flight abilities and Air Walk to travel there. What was first noticed was the loin-clothed humaniod on top of the gray dome, that no one could recognize. Non deterred, Bourne the Damned stealthed in using his crystal to see all in the room. There he saw a forge crafted to resemble a squat, oddly shaped toad, striking close to a depiction of the god Tsathogga in front of a anvil, possible the one Gerrant the Last Justicar described. In front of the two doorways on other side of the large room, were each a 12-foot tall iron statues resembling the same figure the party saw above the doom. As the party can into view and determined this were indeed iron golems, the forge came to life and engulfed the anvil, which was the queue for the iron golems to attack.

Quick thinking by Mallark Illileriel cast a pit in which one of the golems fell into. Kypello Hilam also cast a spell on the toad forge paralyzing it. Bourne the Damned engaged with the other Iron Golem while Darius Huss retrieved his rod of meta-magic quicken and cast Divine Power and Shield of Faith. Mallark Illileriel hasted the party, however seeing how Bourne the Damned could not damage the iron golem’s due to their damage reducation Darius Huss cast Righteous Might and then engaged the iron golem striking a critical blow with his Hammer of Huss (an Adamantine earth breaker) on his first attack.

The forge remained paralyzed for a time, allowing the party to concentrate it’s efforts on downing the first iron golem, and then the second when it finally climbed it’s way out of the pit, Bourne the Damned attempted to grapple the construct unsuccessfully. The golem however ignored Bourne the Damned and focused on the now large Darius Huss. However the forge had now become un-paralysed and used its breath weapon to not only damage the party but haste the iron golem. Bourne the Damned engaged the forge, successfully damaging it. Darius Huss finished the second iron golem with another critical blow, and then moved onto the forge which the combined party then defeated it.

The Anvil that the forge engulfed was able to retrieved, and thinking this was the anvil that Gerrant the Last Justicar spoke off, decided to take it back to his tomb in The Desolation. However as soon as the party took the anvil outside, the statue upon the top of the dome crashed down upon the party, squarely hitting Darius Huss and Kypello Hilam. Requiring some healing, and realizing they could not drag the 500lb anvil without some effort, were able to teleport the anvil back to The Camp after a series of spells were cast on Mallark Illileriel to allow him to teleport the combined weight of the anvil and the party.

The party then used the horse and cart usually used for the Inn to travel to the Gerrant the Last Justicar tomb found in the Chaos Rifts of The Desolation. There upon seeing the hammer and spear left in the tomb, placed the anvil in its rightful place. Feeling a sense of completion the glowing figure of the knight’s ghost appeared. and spoke to the party. “Thank you my friends. At long last my soul is freed of its imprisonment on this plane. My murder is avenged and Muir calls me home to server at her feet. You have done much to remove the stain from these lands, and you think not that your actions have gone unnoticed. Continue in your quest, and furfill the will of the Three Gods; that which the demon-prince ever seeks to undo. Go with the blessing of Thyr and Muir, and She that is forgotten. To reward you for your deeds thus far, take up my sword and harness and carry it once more into the glorious battle for which it was intended.”

The ghost paused and seem to begin to fade slightly. “Now I must return to the hall of my brothers, but I grant you one final boon. For your sakes I will leave the halls of the immortal Justicars one more time at your call. When you are in need or sorely pressed from all about you, call my name three times, and I shall return to your side and lend you aid. Use this noon wisely, for once shall my mistress allow my departure from her service. Go, and stand against the darkness”. With these final words, he faded completely way, and room is dark once more illuminated only by the sword resting upon the knights corpse. The sword is then identified as a +2 holy brilliant energy bastard sword, which the party ironically is unable to use due to class restrictions or religious didactics.

The party ventured back to The Camp, and during the journey Kypello Hilam explained her drowsiness to Darius Huss which upon calling their divine spells, determined that Kypello Hilam must have been more then diseased or cursed, and unable to determine the cause were unable to remove it. So when they arrived back at The Camp, went and saw Father Death, who was able to tell Kypello Hilam Darius Huss that Kypello Hilam had a leech parasite in her which would require a remove curse followed by something like a Heal or similar to get rid off it. Now knowing the cause, Kypello Hilam cast Cleanse upon herself, removing the curse, disease, and healing herself completely.

Upon another night’s rest, Mallark Illileriel teleported the party to now what they refereed to as The Smithy, and recovered the ingots of adamantine, mithral, cold iron and steel that were stored there, along with a folded hide of a Huge black dragon, and a complete Large red dragon hide. Bourne the Damned did notice tracks that were not there before meaning someone had investigated what the party had done, but without any creature present, the party decided to venture into the The Harrowed Lanes.

Using the flying abilities and Air Walk, the party went to the northern part of The Dread Swamp and journeyed upwards to enter a Ruined Estate. Bourne the Damned stealthed forward and saw four dwarves in a courtyard, but with his crystal saw these were really fire giants. He went back to tell the party, and as the party decided to combat the creatures we saw the end of the adventure for the day….


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