The Slumbering Tsar

Battle at the Ruined Estate

Encounter with a Boss

The party ventured into the Ruined Estate having buffed somewhat expecting a fight to break out as soon as they entered. To their surprise the fire giants disguised as dwarves didn’t attack on site, rather they invited the party lead by Bourne the Damned to join them at a fire for mutton and a round of ale. Bourne the Damned accepted and moved over to the fire, while Darius Huss under the effects of Righteous Might stayed a short distance back, with Kypello Hilam flying a distance back again, and Mallark Illileriel flying and invisible to the side.

Bourne the Damned already knowing the dwarves where fire giants, quickly discerned the mutton was something else, and when he questions the fire giants, the fire giants attacked. From within the building came out female fire giant who immediately cast fireball onto Bourne the Damned and the fire giants, which Bourne the Damned easily evaded and the fire giants took no damage. Along with the female fire giant, another fire giant and three hag creatures exited from the building casting spells at the party, and for a moment the party thought they were in serious trouble.

Mallark Illileriel cast Displacement on Darius Huss which in the ensuing battle allowed Darius Huss to survive an onslaught of attacks from three of the fire giants and the female fire giant later. The other two fiant giants concetrated their attack on Bourne the Damned who easily evaded the attacks but struggled to take brutes down even when Haste was cast by Mallark Illileriel.

One of the hags concentrated on Kypello Hilam summoning up three Spiritual Weapon to attack her, however she was able to still to heal Darius Huss when some attacks were able to get past the Displacement effect, and summoned up a Spiritual Ally to help in flanks. Mallark Illileriel summoned up creatures that were able to provide backup to Bourne the Damned and Bourne the Damned by first casting Cure Serious Wounds, and then Lighting Bolting the fire giants. He followed these up with a succubus to try and charm one of the fire giants, and then a earth elemental to backup Bourne the Damned. He finally was able to Dominate one of the Fire giants to attack the female fire giant, and was killed in the attacks of opportunity that followed.

Darius Huss now with every buff possible was a near unstoppable landing massive blows on the female fire giant who was unable to land a single hit on Darius Huss thanks to the Displacement spell. Bourne the Damned finished off his combatants with help of the Earth Elemental and Spiritual Ally, and soon the battle was one with both Mallark Illileriel and Kypello Hilam having used half of their spells.

Upon investigating of the building inside, the party discovered that the creatures had been under an effect of a veil spell and that the Ruined Estate had become the base of a covey of hag sisters. Of note an Orb of Storms was found. The area is now referred to as the Covey of The Sisters.

The party then decided to continue into the The Harrowed Lanes. Unlike the grunge, the buildings here was not damaged and had be built upon over the years causing some passage ways through to be only 10 feet wide. During one such passage way, Bourne the Damned heard something from his past, and caused him to freeze. The other three party members where then attacked by two Vrok demons which were easily dispatched.

However then the party felt all their magic stop working as the sound of chanting came around the corner. A 6ft 4’ anti-paladin wearing the symbol of Orcus approached with three cultists chanting the words from a scroll causing an Antimagic Field. Unlike the party the anti-paladin didn’t seem phased by the Antimagic Field and spoke to the party telling them he had been watching what they had been doing and wanting them to stop bring Orcus to Temple-City of Tsar or else….. Darius Huss spoke to challenge the anti-paladin the the crusade was righteous, but received a blow from the anti-paladin for speaking. Darius Huss responded this time more aggressively showing the Hammer of Three Gods and speaking of the curse on it, only to receive another blow by the anti-paladin causing Darius Huss to jaw to become dislocated.

The Anti-paladin described that he wanted to bring Orcus back but not within Tsar, but rather in same forest where the The Army of Light had disappeared, now known as the dungeon of Rappan Athuk, and the party needs to stop what they are doing based on an crusade that happened hundreds of years earlier by Thyr, Muir and the nameless god, otherwise they would be dealt with. Little could be said that the anti-paladin would hear, and then left the party to consider that a separate cult of Orcus had risen in the temple city in the absence of the God of Undeath. Darius Huss and Kypello Hilam agreed that this news had to be taken back to Church in Bard’s Gate, which the party agreed to and saw as an opportunity to sell off the items they have found and upgrade some of their gear.

This would have to be done in the next adventure.


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