The Slumbering Tsar

Exploring the Missing River

Bring out your dead

Darius Huss had previously died while battling the creature found in Kingdom of the Tyrant. The party requiring more diamond dust to bring back Darius from the dead, teleported to Bard’s Gate and sold some of the items they had previously found. From there Kypello Hilam was able to cast Raise Dead and Restoration to bring Darius back to life and continue adventuring.

The party previous had noticed the water fall while in the The Dread Swamp and headed into The Missing River. Mallark Illileriel first summoned some water elemental’s to scout ahead that reported finding an opening. Mallark Illileriel cast Aspect of the Sea on the party along with Water Breathing to allow them to breath and travel under water, and then Bourne the Damned scouted ahead.

Bourne the Damned emerged from the river into a side cavern, but didn’t notice the cave leeches until it was too late, but managed to dodge the creatures attacks. The party emerged and defeated the leeches but Darius Huss and Kypello Hilam sustained a large amount of constitution damage.

Forgetting to have previous cast Hearo’s Feast Darius Huss started the preparations so the ability damage could be healed, while Bourne the Damned scouted the next carven. Mallark Illileriel cleverly thought to cast Wall of Stone between the two caverns to protect from any creatures. However Bourne the Damned failed to spot the creatures lurking but did find one of The Nine Disciples. Before the Hero’s Feast could be be cast, the creatures from the other cavern (a group of Morlocks and Phantom Fungi) attacked but where ultimately defeated. Hero’s Feast was finally cast, and the party partook in the meal.

The party continued further into the Hidden River with Bourne the Damned scouting ahead. Bourne easily spotted the Fishing net that was stretched across the tunnel. The party exited the river and entered a wide cavern with a narrow edge around the edge of a large pool of water. A body was spotted on the other side of the pool, and with Air Walk cast upon him walked over the pool and retrieved the body. Mallark Illileriel summoned some creatures to explore the pool, but failed to spot the giant squid lurking in the depths. When the party finally decided to walk across the pool while under the affect of Air Walk, which triggered the giant squid to attack.

Bourne the Damned thought to avoid the beast entirely, but Darius Huss was eager to fight the creature simple not to have an enemy at their backs, which the party ultimately decided was the best course of action and defeated the creature.

In the next cavern, the party encountered a leech creature who could take humanoid form. After a short parlay, the creature attacked, where it tried to apply a harmful touch attack against the party, but no party member could tell what it was trying to do. After defeating the leech creature, the party decided to teleport back to The Camp as the available spells for Mallark Illileriel and Kypello Hilam were running low.

Mallark Illileriel cast the teleport spell, and while back in camp Darius Huss was able to level up.


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