The Slumbering Tsar

Entering the Harrowed Lanes

Completion of a quest

After spending the night at The Camp, Kypello Hilam felt drowsy, but Darius Huss Heroes’ Feast soon made her feel better. The party decided to teleport back to The Missing River thanks to Mallark Illileriel, where they journeyed into the next cavern from where they had left. In the next cavern they encountered a Tentacled Horror, which was quickly dispatched by the party. During the fight however Kypello Hilam noticed leeches rising from underneath herself, and unbeknown to the party the leeches were whispering to Kypello Hilam. However she never responded thinking the phenomenon was just local to this part of The Missing River with the leech monster encountered in the previous cavern. The last cavern now explored, the party exited the river system at the waterfall in the The Dread Swamp.

The party having noticed the Lower Plateau earlier, used their flight abilities and Air Walk to travel there. What was first noticed was the loin-clothed humaniod on top of the gray dome, that no one could recognize. Non deterred, Bourne the Damned stealthed in using his crystal to see all in the room. There he saw a forge crafted to resemble a squat, oddly shaped toad, striking close to a depiction of the god Tsathogga in front of a anvil, possible the one Gerrant the Last Justicar described. In front of the two doorways on other side of the large room, were each a 12-foot tall iron statues resembling the same figure the party saw above the doom. As the party can into view and determined this were indeed iron golems, the forge came to life and engulfed the anvil, which was the queue for the iron golems to attack.

Quick thinking by Mallark Illileriel cast a pit in which one of the golems fell into. Kypello Hilam also cast a spell on the toad forge paralyzing it. Bourne the Damned engaged with the other Iron Golem while Darius Huss retrieved his rod of meta-magic quicken and cast Divine Power and Shield of Faith. Mallark Illileriel hasted the party, however seeing how Bourne the Damned could not damage the iron golem’s due to their damage reducation Darius Huss cast Righteous Might and then engaged the iron golem striking a critical blow with his Hammer of Huss (an Adamantine earth breaker) on his first attack.

The forge remained paralyzed for a time, allowing the party to concentrate it’s efforts on downing the first iron golem, and then the second when it finally climbed it’s way out of the pit, Bourne the Damned attempted to grapple the construct unsuccessfully. The golem however ignored Bourne the Damned and focused on the now large Darius Huss. However the forge had now become un-paralysed and used its breath weapon to not only damage the party but haste the iron golem. Bourne the Damned engaged the forge, successfully damaging it. Darius Huss finished the second iron golem with another critical blow, and then moved onto the forge which the combined party then defeated it.

The Anvil that the forge engulfed was able to retrieved, and thinking this was the anvil that Gerrant the Last Justicar spoke off, decided to take it back to his tomb in The Desolation. However as soon as the party took the anvil outside, the statue upon the top of the dome crashed down upon the party, squarely hitting Darius Huss and Kypello Hilam. Requiring some healing, and realizing they could not drag the 500lb anvil without some effort, were able to teleport the anvil back to The Camp after a series of spells were cast on Mallark Illileriel to allow him to teleport the combined weight of the anvil and the party.

The party then used the horse and cart usually used for the Inn to travel to the Gerrant the Last Justicar tomb found in the Chaos Rifts of The Desolation. There upon seeing the hammer and spear left in the tomb, placed the anvil in its rightful place. Feeling a sense of completion the glowing figure of the knight’s ghost appeared. and spoke to the party. “Thank you my friends. At long last my soul is freed of its imprisonment on this plane. My murder is avenged and Muir calls me home to server at her feet. You have done much to remove the stain from these lands, and you think not that your actions have gone unnoticed. Continue in your quest, and furfill the will of the Three Gods; that which the demon-prince ever seeks to undo. Go with the blessing of Thyr and Muir, and She that is forgotten. To reward you for your deeds thus far, take up my sword and harness and carry it once more into the glorious battle for which it was intended.”

The ghost paused and seem to begin to fade slightly. “Now I must return to the hall of my brothers, but I grant you one final boon. For your sakes I will leave the halls of the immortal Justicars one more time at your call. When you are in need or sorely pressed from all about you, call my name three times, and I shall return to your side and lend you aid. Use this noon wisely, for once shall my mistress allow my departure from her service. Go, and stand against the darkness”. With these final words, he faded completely way, and room is dark once more illuminated only by the sword resting upon the knights corpse. The sword is then identified as a +2 holy brilliant energy bastard sword, which the party ironically is unable to use due to class restrictions or religious didactics.

The party ventured back to The Camp, and during the journey Kypello Hilam explained her drowsiness to Darius Huss which upon calling their divine spells, determined that Kypello Hilam must have been more then diseased or cursed, and unable to determine the cause were unable to remove it. So when they arrived back at The Camp, went and saw Father Death, who was able to tell Kypello Hilam Darius Huss that Kypello Hilam had a leech parasite in her which would require a remove curse followed by something like a Heal or similar to get rid off it. Now knowing the cause, Kypello Hilam cast Cleanse upon herself, removing the curse, disease, and healing herself completely.

Upon another night’s rest, Mallark Illileriel teleported the party to now what they refereed to as The Smithy, and recovered the ingots of adamantine, mithral, cold iron and steel that were stored there, along with a folded hide of a Huge black dragon, and a complete Large red dragon hide. Bourne the Damned did notice tracks that were not there before meaning someone had investigated what the party had done, but without any creature present, the party decided to venture into the The Harrowed Lanes.

Using the flying abilities and Air Walk, the party went to the northern part of The Dread Swamp and journeyed upwards to enter a Ruined Estate. Bourne the Damned stealthed forward and saw four dwarves in a courtyard, but with his crystal saw these were really fire giants. He went back to tell the party, and as the party decided to combat the creatures we saw the end of the adventure for the day….


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