The Slumbering Tsar

What happens in Bard's gate.....
Shenanigans happened

Mallark Illileriel used teleport to transport the party to the outskirts of Bard’s Gate, and then went to sell the items the party had agreed to depart with leaving him out of the Shenanigans to occur while the party was in Bard’s gate.

Darius Huss and Kypello Hilam were eager to speak with the High Priest of Thyr about various topics, and headed to the temple district first. There the party spoke with the High Priest and told him of the anti-paladin and the plans to bring back the citidal of Orcus to Rappan Athuk. The High Priest instructed they should stop the anti-paladin and continue to cleanse the Temple-City of Tsar as they have been doing and if bringing the citadel back was a way to smite Orcus a final blow.

When asked about the Vampire that resides in the The Crooked Tower he mentioned that because of the pall over Tsar, the old fashion way of wooden stake through the heart, and head severed and anointed with holy water would be the best to kill a vampire. When pressed about using the vampire to help defeat the storm giant Thraestos, he gave Kypello Hilam and Darius Huss dispensation to work with evil, so long as they’re not corrupted.

The party then ventured to the Bard’s College to do some research on various subjects. On the way Kypello Hilam asked around abouit George the Tailor and discovered that George is some kind of serial killer that makes leather clothing out of his victims. He was run out of Bard’s Gate using a geas. They also meet up with a solider Kaito from the order of light which was started by a former party member as the militant arm of the Triumverate of Light.

Bourne the Damned did some inquiries into his ex-wife as he had been receiving roses from an anonymous source. He discovered she has come back on the scene seeking to do him damage for leaving her. She went north and came back changed.

Once they got to the Bard’s College they found a researcher with a thick Irish/North of England accent who was able to give the party some answers:

  • The Hammer of Three Gods that Darius Huss carries with him, is actually know as the Hammer of Mordecais Doom. The hammer belonged to the last high priest of both Thyr and Muir in the Monastery of St Harul before it was corrupted. He was killed and consumed by a devourer that still resides somewhere in Tsar, and Mordecai’s soul is in torment and in need of freeing. This will help in removing the curse upon the hammer.
  • The The Nine Disciples are actually the husks of top ranking servants that were used to fuel a planar rift that shunted the Citadel somewhere else. Now they are the components to a spell that will bring back the Citadel of Orcus. Assembling all of them in the right place will return the Citadel to the material plane.

Upon hearing other accounts of the party, the researcher agreed to do digging into Tsar for free because as he thinks the party is hilarious in their suicidal tendencies, and is now chronicling the parties misadventures. The party signed over their life rights and likeness for storytelling purposes.

The party then retired to a inn known for Paladin and Holy adventurers, and Kypello Hilam received a note to meet someone in a warehouse “downtown” at midnight. The party ate a hearty meal and a hot bath and then at decided to head to the said warehouse and be there at an hour before midnight for a reconnaissance.

On the way to the warehouse, the party was attacked by a group of murderous thugs bent on stealing the parties cash and gear that Mallark Illileriel had been selling for the party. Apparently selling that amount of items was breaking the economy everywhere, and this was the consequence of such an action.

A brutal fight ensued with Kaito blinded by the thug wizard early in the battle. This did little to stop Andrew’s Fighter as he has specialised in fighting things that couldn’t be seen. Bourne the Damned quickly grappled two of the thus, while Darius Huss engaged the thug that had come up from behind the party.

The thug wizard cast the first of two maximized fireball at the party, which stupidly forgot to not damage himself and then was downed by Kaito. However the thug cleric was able to bring the thug wizard back with Breath of Life. Bourne the Damned thinking the thugs he grappled were fighters, released them to land in some blows, but it was Darius Huss who realized they were actually rogues and he was first tripped by one and then subsequently flanked and sneak attacked multiple times. The thug wizard dropped his second maximized fireball at the party that downed Kypello Hilam. Darius Huss risked his life crawling over to Kypello Hilam to cast Breath of Life on her, only doing so with a handful of hit points left.

Kaito took down the thug cleric, but was hit with a maximized scorching ray from the thug wizard that downed him. Kypello Hilam couldn’t reach Kaito in time to stop death’s grip with Breath of Life , and Kaito passed from the mortal coil. The other thugs were taken down by Bourne the Damned and Darius Huss swinging his earthbreaker on the ground, but the thug wizard ran away. The party was left reeling from the fight and made a pact to fight more as a team in the future. The loot from the thugs would then go to the Resurrection costs to bring Kaito back from the dead.

The party continued onto the Warehouse, to meet a group of gangsters lead by one with a Jersey accent. He told Kypello Hilam that her brother in Bard’s Gate has been taken hostage, and to have him returned in one piece, he wants the party to retrieve a charred cedar box from Belshan the vampire in The Crooked Tower within 2 weeks or they kill the brother. The party agreed already planing to assault the tower soon gaining the quest Hostage Negotiations.

They returned to the Inn, and in the morning Kaito was brought back to life. The party then decided when they would head back to The Camp they would speak to the various denziens more about Belishan the Bloodmage. They planned to speak to in order: The Undertaker, The Usurer , The Peddler, and the Ghost in the desolation.

Mallark Illileriel then teleport-ed the party back to The Camp. When they arrived they noticed the rangers that resided in the camp were not present. And when about to enter the Bed and Breakfast, were told that three of the ex-characters inside of Tsar that turned evil when they succumbed to the taint of Tsar, were waiting inside to speak to the party, and someone matching Bourne the Damned ex-wife may be in there as well…..

This will have to happen in the next adventure.

Battle at the Ruined Estate
Encounter with a Boss

The party ventured into the Ruined Estate having buffed somewhat expecting a fight to break out as soon as they entered. To their surprise the fire giants disguised as dwarves didn’t attack on site, rather they invited the party lead by Bourne the Damned to join them at a fire for mutton and a round of ale. Bourne the Damned accepted and moved over to the fire, while Darius Huss under the effects of Righteous Might stayed a short distance back, with Kypello Hilam flying a distance back again, and Mallark Illileriel flying and invisible to the side.

Bourne the Damned already knowing the dwarves where fire giants, quickly discerned the mutton was something else, and when he questions the fire giants, the fire giants attacked. From within the building came out female fire giant who immediately cast fireball onto Bourne the Damned and the fire giants, which Bourne the Damned easily evaded and the fire giants took no damage. Along with the female fire giant, another fire giant and three hag creatures exited from the building casting spells at the party, and for a moment the party thought they were in serious trouble.

Mallark Illileriel cast Displacement on Darius Huss which in the ensuing battle allowed Darius Huss to survive an onslaught of attacks from three of the fire giants and the female fire giant later. The other two fiant giants concetrated their attack on Bourne the Damned who easily evaded the attacks but struggled to take brutes down even when Haste was cast by Mallark Illileriel.

One of the hags concentrated on Kypello Hilam summoning up three Spiritual Weapon to attack her, however she was able to still to heal Darius Huss when some attacks were able to get past the Displacement effect, and summoned up a Spiritual Ally to help in flanks. Mallark Illileriel summoned up creatures that were able to provide backup to Bourne the Damned and Bourne the Damned by first casting Cure Serious Wounds, and then Lighting Bolting the fire giants. He followed these up with a succubus to try and charm one of the fire giants, and then a earth elemental to backup Bourne the Damned. He finally was able to Dominate one of the Fire giants to attack the female fire giant, and was killed in the attacks of opportunity that followed.

Darius Huss now with every buff possible was a near unstoppable landing massive blows on the female fire giant who was unable to land a single hit on Darius Huss thanks to the Displacement spell. Bourne the Damned finished off his combatants with help of the Earth Elemental and Spiritual Ally, and soon the battle was one with both Mallark Illileriel and Kypello Hilam having used half of their spells.

Upon investigating of the building inside, the party discovered that the creatures had been under an effect of a veil spell and that the Ruined Estate had become the base of a covey of hag sisters. Of note an Orb of Storms was found. The area is now referred to as the Covey of The Sisters.

The party then decided to continue into the The Harrowed Lanes. Unlike the grunge, the buildings here was not damaged and had be built upon over the years causing some passage ways through to be only 10 feet wide. During one such passage way, Bourne the Damned heard something from his past, and caused him to freeze. The other three party members where then attacked by two Vrok demons which were easily dispatched.

However then the party felt all their magic stop working as the sound of chanting came around the corner. A 6ft 4’ anti-paladin wearing the symbol of Orcus approached with three cultists chanting the words from a scroll causing an Antimagic Field. Unlike the party the anti-paladin didn’t seem phased by the Antimagic Field and spoke to the party telling them he had been watching what they had been doing and wanting them to stop bring Orcus to Temple-City of Tsar or else….. Darius Huss spoke to challenge the anti-paladin the the crusade was righteous, but received a blow from the anti-paladin for speaking. Darius Huss responded this time more aggressively showing the Hammer of Three Gods and speaking of the curse on it, only to receive another blow by the anti-paladin causing Darius Huss to jaw to become dislocated.

The Anti-paladin described that he wanted to bring Orcus back but not within Tsar, but rather in same forest where the The Army of Light had disappeared, now known as the dungeon of Rappan Athuk, and the party needs to stop what they are doing based on an crusade that happened hundreds of years earlier by Thyr, Muir and the nameless god, otherwise they would be dealt with. Little could be said that the anti-paladin would hear, and then left the party to consider that a separate cult of Orcus had risen in the temple city in the absence of the God of Undeath. Darius Huss and Kypello Hilam agreed that this news had to be taken back to Church in Bard’s Gate, which the party agreed to and saw as an opportunity to sell off the items they have found and upgrade some of their gear.

This would have to be done in the next adventure.

Entering the Harrowed Lanes
Completion of a quest

After spending the night at The Camp, Kypello Hilam felt drowsy, but Darius Huss Heroes’ Feast soon made her feel better. The party decided to teleport back to The Missing River thanks to Mallark Illileriel, where they journeyed into the next cavern from where they had left. In the next cavern they encountered a Tentacled Horror, which was quickly dispatched by the party. During the fight however Kypello Hilam noticed leeches rising from underneath herself, and unbeknown to the party the leeches were whispering to Kypello Hilam. However she never responded thinking the phenomenon was just local to this part of The Missing River with the leech monster encountered in the previous cavern. The last cavern now explored, the party exited the river system at the waterfall in the The Dread Swamp.

The party having noticed the Lower Plateau earlier, used their flight abilities and Air Walk to travel there. What was first noticed was the loin-clothed humaniod on top of the gray dome, that no one could recognize. Non deterred, Bourne the Damned stealthed in using his crystal to see all in the room. There he saw a forge crafted to resemble a squat, oddly shaped toad, striking close to a depiction of the god Tsathogga in front of a anvil, possible the one Gerrant the Last Justicar described. In front of the two doorways on other side of the large room, were each a 12-foot tall iron statues resembling the same figure the party saw above the doom. As the party can into view and determined this were indeed iron golems, the forge came to life and engulfed the anvil, which was the queue for the iron golems to attack.

Quick thinking by Mallark Illileriel cast a pit in which one of the golems fell into. Kypello Hilam also cast a spell on the toad forge paralyzing it. Bourne the Damned engaged with the other Iron Golem while Darius Huss retrieved his rod of meta-magic quicken and cast Divine Power and Shield of Faith. Mallark Illileriel hasted the party, however seeing how Bourne the Damned could not damage the iron golem’s due to their damage reducation Darius Huss cast Righteous Might and then engaged the iron golem striking a critical blow with his Hammer of Huss (an Adamantine earth breaker) on his first attack.

The forge remained paralyzed for a time, allowing the party to concentrate it’s efforts on downing the first iron golem, and then the second when it finally climbed it’s way out of the pit, Bourne the Damned attempted to grapple the construct unsuccessfully. The golem however ignored Bourne the Damned and focused on the now large Darius Huss. However the forge had now become un-paralysed and used its breath weapon to not only damage the party but haste the iron golem. Bourne the Damned engaged the forge, successfully damaging it. Darius Huss finished the second iron golem with another critical blow, and then moved onto the forge which the combined party then defeated it.

The Anvil that the forge engulfed was able to retrieved, and thinking this was the anvil that Gerrant the Last Justicar spoke off, decided to take it back to his tomb in The Desolation. However as soon as the party took the anvil outside, the statue upon the top of the dome crashed down upon the party, squarely hitting Darius Huss and Kypello Hilam. Requiring some healing, and realizing they could not drag the 500lb anvil without some effort, were able to teleport the anvil back to The Camp after a series of spells were cast on Mallark Illileriel to allow him to teleport the combined weight of the anvil and the party.

The party then used the horse and cart usually used for the Inn to travel to the Gerrant the Last Justicar tomb found in the Chaos Rifts of The Desolation. There upon seeing the hammer and spear left in the tomb, placed the anvil in its rightful place. Feeling a sense of completion the glowing figure of the knight’s ghost appeared. and spoke to the party. “Thank you my friends. At long last my soul is freed of its imprisonment on this plane. My murder is avenged and Muir calls me home to server at her feet. You have done much to remove the stain from these lands, and you think not that your actions have gone unnoticed. Continue in your quest, and furfill the will of the Three Gods; that which the demon-prince ever seeks to undo. Go with the blessing of Thyr and Muir, and She that is forgotten. To reward you for your deeds thus far, take up my sword and harness and carry it once more into the glorious battle for which it was intended.”

The ghost paused and seem to begin to fade slightly. “Now I must return to the hall of my brothers, but I grant you one final boon. For your sakes I will leave the halls of the immortal Justicars one more time at your call. When you are in need or sorely pressed from all about you, call my name three times, and I shall return to your side and lend you aid. Use this noon wisely, for once shall my mistress allow my departure from her service. Go, and stand against the darkness”. With these final words, he faded completely way, and room is dark once more illuminated only by the sword resting upon the knights corpse. The sword is then identified as a +2 holy brilliant energy bastard sword, which the party ironically is unable to use due to class restrictions or religious didactics.

The party ventured back to The Camp, and during the journey Kypello Hilam explained her drowsiness to Darius Huss which upon calling their divine spells, determined that Kypello Hilam must have been more then diseased or cursed, and unable to determine the cause were unable to remove it. So when they arrived back at The Camp, went and saw Father Death, who was able to tell Kypello Hilam Darius Huss that Kypello Hilam had a leech parasite in her which would require a remove curse followed by something like a Heal or similar to get rid off it. Now knowing the cause, Kypello Hilam cast Cleanse upon herself, removing the curse, disease, and healing herself completely.

Upon another night’s rest, Mallark Illileriel teleported the party to now what they refereed to as The Smithy, and recovered the ingots of adamantine, mithral, cold iron and steel that were stored there, along with a folded hide of a Huge black dragon, and a complete Large red dragon hide. Bourne the Damned did notice tracks that were not there before meaning someone had investigated what the party had done, but without any creature present, the party decided to venture into the The Harrowed Lanes.

Using the flying abilities and Air Walk, the party went to the northern part of The Dread Swamp and journeyed upwards to enter a Ruined Estate. Bourne the Damned stealthed forward and saw four dwarves in a courtyard, but with his crystal saw these were really fire giants. He went back to tell the party, and as the party decided to combat the creatures we saw the end of the adventure for the day….

Exploring the Missing River
Bring out your dead

Darius Huss had previously died while battling the creature found in Kingdom of the Tyrant. The party requiring more diamond dust to bring back Darius from the dead, teleported to Bard’s Gate and sold some of the items they had previously found. From there Kypello Hilam was able to cast Raise Dead and Restoration to bring Darius back to life and continue adventuring.

The party previous had noticed the water fall while in the The Dread Swamp and headed into The Missing River. Mallark Illileriel first summoned some water elemental’s to scout ahead that reported finding an opening. Mallark Illileriel cast Aspect of the Sea on the party along with Water Breathing to allow them to breath and travel under water, and then Bourne the Damned scouted ahead.

Bourne the Damned emerged from the river into a side cavern, but didn’t notice the cave leeches until it was too late, but managed to dodge the creatures attacks. The party emerged and defeated the leeches but Darius Huss and Kypello Hilam sustained a large amount of constitution damage.

Forgetting to have previous cast Hearo’s Feast Darius Huss started the preparations so the ability damage could be healed, while Bourne the Damned scouted the next carven. Mallark Illileriel cleverly thought to cast Wall of Stone between the two caverns to protect from any creatures. However Bourne the Damned failed to spot the creatures lurking but did find one of The Nine Disciples. Before the Hero’s Feast could be be cast, the creatures from the other cavern (a group of Morlocks and Phantom Fungi) attacked but where ultimately defeated. Hero’s Feast was finally cast, and the party partook in the meal.

The party continued further into the Hidden River with Bourne the Damned scouting ahead. Bourne easily spotted the Fishing net that was stretched across the tunnel. The party exited the river and entered a wide cavern with a narrow edge around the edge of a large pool of water. A body was spotted on the other side of the pool, and with Air Walk cast upon him walked over the pool and retrieved the body. Mallark Illileriel summoned some creatures to explore the pool, but failed to spot the giant squid lurking in the depths. When the party finally decided to walk across the pool while under the affect of Air Walk, which triggered the giant squid to attack.

Bourne the Damned thought to avoid the beast entirely, but Darius Huss was eager to fight the creature simple not to have an enemy at their backs, which the party ultimately decided was the best course of action and defeated the creature.

In the next cavern, the party encountered a leech creature who could take humanoid form. After a short parlay, the creature attacked, where it tried to apply a harmful touch attack against the party, but no party member could tell what it was trying to do. After defeating the leech creature, the party decided to teleport back to The Camp as the available spells for Mallark Illileriel and Kypello Hilam were running low.

Mallark Illileriel cast the teleport spell, and while back in camp Darius Huss was able to level up.

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