Temple-City of Tsar


The Lower City

The Black Gates of Tsar

B1 – Kirash Durgaut and The Tower Of Weeping Sores
B2 – The Black Gates
B3 – Sunken Gates
B4 – Broken Gates
B5 – The Walls of Death

The Dread Swamp

D1 – Lower Falls
D2 – Kingdom of the Tyrant
D3 – Tar Island

The Grunge

G1 – The Pentacle
G2 – The Cobblers Shop
G3 – The Blood Pit Quests: Return of the Giant-King
G4 – The Tunnel (unexplored)
G5 – The Cliff Warrens

The Harrow Lanes

H2 – Mordecais Stair
H3 – The Smithy
H5 – The Swill Hole
H6 – The Missing River (Not shown on Map)
H7 – Covey of The Sisters
H8 – Fallen Towers
H12- The Crooked Tower Quests: To Kill a Vampire, Hostage Negotiations

Foundations of Infamy

T1 – Middle Tower Gate
T2 – Upper Entrance
T3 – The Cold Dell
T4 – The Trollstone
T5 – The Upper Falls and Darken River
T6 – Darken Bridge
T7 – The Maze
T8 – The High Church

Temple-City of Tsar

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