Character Creation

Congratulations! You have been suici… brave enough to put your hand up to play a character in The Slumbering Tsar Saga. Congratulations, welcome and I hope that you have many character concepts in mind to play over the coming while, as if reports from the internet and the Frog God Games website are to be believed – and when has the internet ever lied? – you might need them.

Character Generation

To help your thinking in this matter and get the ball rolling, here are my thoughts on the character creation considerations…

1. Evil characters will have a hard time of it. I am not saying any more, it might ruin the surprise.

2. Sharing character class and alignment choices with other players is not necessary

3. Anti-paladins, gunslingers, samurai and synthesists are banned without a %&$!#$ good reason. They are a little silly, they break the game and are not in keeping with the first edition feel of The Slumbering Tsar Saga. I am happy to hear arguments to the contrary, but they would have to be bloody good arguments.

4. Same goes for Golorian specific prestige character classes (Hell Knights for example, Andoran Eagle Knights for another). Will accept arguments for re-skinning.

5. Two traits per characters, taken from any book published by Pathfinder, so long as they are not region of Golorian specific. Will accept arguments for re-skinning Golorian specific traits but the answer still might be no.

6. Heroic points buy. I will accept characters generated in Hero Lab as legal, so long as you haven’t broken them. Will ask that Hero Lab characters be submitted as portfolio files before hand.

7. Books for use include Core Rule Book, Advanced Players Guide, Ultimate Magic (no Synthecists or Summoners), Ultimate Combat (no Samurai or Gun Slingers), and Advanced Races Guide (all Featured Races, Changelings, Duergar, Kitsune, Nagaji, Samsarans, and Sulis too. No invented races allowed at this time). New core source material can be integrated as it becomes available and people prove that it is not broken. Players Companion books are relatively legal, so long as the information is not Golorian specific and on a case by case basis. If I’ve forgotten a source, let me know.

If there are any questions about character creation, shoot me an email. I look forward to seeing your characters as the roll in. I’ll need to see character sheets before gaming commences.

Character Creation

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