Aura strong evocation and transmutation; CL 15th
Slot none; Price 104,006gp; Weight 3lb


+3 keen wounding handaxe; AL CN; Int 17, Wis 10, Cha 17; Speech, telepathy, 120 ft. darkvision and hearing; Ego score 19.
Lesser Powers: Deathwatch continually active, daze monster 3/ day, hold person 3/day.
Greater Power: Haste on owner 3/day.

Personality: This handaxe is fashioned much like a meat cleaver. The chaotic and warped personality has one purpose and one purpose only, to drink the blood of the living. When a creature is hit by Exsanguinator it leaves a bloodless wound, the blood having been magically absorbed by the blade. A creature killed by the handaxe falls to the ground as a completely bloodless corpse. Whenever anyone of any alignment fi rst grasps the weapon, a DC 19 Will save is required. On a failed save the handaxe uses its haste ability on the wielder who then turns on any living creatures nearby and attempts to satiate Exsanguinator’s blood lust on them. If the character is chaotic and makes his save, he can use the weapon normally. However, the handaxe will continually whisper dreams of bloodletting into his mind telepathically. The handaxe demands that it be the wielder’s primary weapon in combat, and another Will save is required if the character refuses. Exsanguinator uses its abilities in battle to assist its wielder in making easier targets for him to attack. Anytime the wielder spares an opponent in combat, another Will save is necessary to prevent an indiscriminate killing spree.


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