Hammer of Mordecais Doom

Minor Artifact

Aura strong conjuration, evocation, and necromancy [good]
CL 15th
Slot none; Weight 10lb


This massive two-handed warhammer is a +3 adamantine holy thundering warhammer that constantly emits light as a light spell. Its head bears engravings depicting Thyr, Muir and a third faceless deity. Belonging to a powerful priest of good long ago named Mordecai, it was lost to the knowledge of men before the rise of Orcus in Tsar. In addition to dealing x3 damage and 2d8 points of sonic damage on a critical hit, it also unleashes a holy smite upon the creature that was struck.

The Hammer of Mordecai’s Doom under a powerful curse that cannot be removed with anything short of divine intervention. In the final days of St. Harul’s Hold the last high priest to be a cleric of both Thyr and Muir, an aged patriarch named Mordecai fought a powerful servant of Orcus, a devourer. As Mordecai was to delever the finishing blow, the devourer was restored to its full strength and Mordecai was struck down by the curse’s unholy backlash. The minions of St. Harul’s Hold watched in horror as the renewed undead monstrosity took their helpless patriarch and devoured him alive before their eyes.

As it betrayed its former owner to his death, it too will betray its current owner. On any critical hit where the sonic and holy smite damage are sufficient to kill the creature struck, apply only the weapon damage and instead of the sonic and holy smite effects the target creature is affected as if by a heal spell unless it is undead, in which case it receives the benefits of a harm spell.

Removing the curse will restore the hammer to its true name The Hammer of Three Gods.

The party gained the hammer by dealing with the Dweller at the Crossroads to gain a weapon to help in defeat the Tar Dragon

Hammer of Mordecais Doom

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