Hostage Negotiations

A new-jersey accented gangster in Bard’s Gate gate is holding Kypello Hilam brother hostage. He wants the party to retrieve a charred cedar box from Belishan the Bloodmag within 2 weeks or they kill the brother.

After recovering the charred cedar box from Belishan the Bloodmag, the party discovered that the charred cedar box was actually a phylactery linked to The Usurer.

The new-jersey accented gangster was part of the new group called the Warhol’s, that had run out the thieves guild out of Bard’s Gate. The party was able to scry on Kypello Hilam brother to find he was being kept someone where the sewers. Upon investigation they found the location, but the brother had already been moved.

The party scouted out the warehouse where the trade was to take place only to find it heavily guarded by 12 gunslingers. Un-willing to take on so many range combatants, the party sent a message to the Warhol’s that they had the charred cedar box and were ready to meet. The party then staked out the warehouse in a hope to rescue the brother in route, but realised the Warhol’s must have entered from a sewer entrance, so they went inside to trade.

After a brief discussion of why the Warhol’s wanted the box, Belishan the Bloodmage appeared and dismembered the Warhol’s compliment in short order. Leave the party to battle summoned demons.

Hostage Negotiations

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