Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Death, Destruction
Symbol: Wand of Orcus
Garb: Black cowl and robe ensemble.
Favored Weapon: Ornamental heavy mace (spiked or skull-tipped)
Form of Worship and Holidays: Day of the Dead (Late Fall), nights of blood red moon and horned moons. Worship usually involves grave robbery and animation and conscription of the newly dead to the forces of evil.
Typical Worshippers: Monsters, undead, and evil humanoids

Orcus is a demon prince with—surprisingly enough—many human worshippers. He has a strange fascination with humans and their desire for power, possibly because it is this very flaw that causes them so frequently to seek that which he controls: power over death. Orcus is the lord of all undead, and he resides in the Abyss in his Palace of Bones surrounded by a legion of vampires and liches. Evil, ruination, and wanton destruction are his only goals. He is most often depicted as a bloated ram-headed, batwinged monstrosity with cloven-hoofed goat legs. He wields the “Wand of Orcus,” a legendary skull-tipped obsidian rod that is rumoured to slay any living thing it touches.

Though mostly worshipped by the monstrous races, the ranks of Orcus’ human worshippers are swelling, as Orcus grants his followers power in large, liberal doses. It is not uncommon for Orcus to give relatively low-level priests command of vast numbers of undead to do his bidding.

His symbol is either a demonic ram-headed skull (the most common), a representation of himself seated on his throne, or a depiction of his skull-tipped wand. His priests favor heavy, dark hooded robes and ornamental maces stylized to represent his skull-tipped wand.


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