Certain gods, and especially certain faiths that worship them, ally with each other. A religion or sect may only venerate a particular deity, but some choose to worship more then one. These pantheon religions form together for various reasons but are typically powerful in terms of worshipers. That is not to say that individual deities dont have their own large followings, many do and some have larger followings then even the pantheons. The major pantheonic religions are:

Chruch of The Harp (Harpists) – This religion comprises the triumvirate gods of Dame Torren, Note and its patriarch Oghma. The Church of the Harp has always been popular, especially among humans, and even more so in the metropolis Bard’s Gate

Sanctuary of Magic Night (The Sanctuary) – This secret church is small, but powerful in the region. Many wealthy despotic nobles and arcanists with dreams of power and unbridled magic belong to The Sanctuary. This religion comprises the Goddesses of Hecate and Mirkeer

Church of The Divine Right Muir, Thyr

Triumverate of Light Arden, Arn, Vionir

Church of the Earth Dame Torren, Kamien, Telophus

The Foul Spear Grotaag, Kakobovia, Snuurge

Church of Nergal – An ancient and now largely obscure god of death, and also happens to be the only religious establishment in the Camp.


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