The Nine Disciples

Minor Artifact

Aura overwhelming (all schools); CL 30th
Slot none; Weight 80-150lb


These are short statues of a nondescript stone. Their features are worn, and they all wear the cassock and frock of a cleric — Disciples of Orcus. They vary in height from 3 to 5 feet and, if examined closely, are obviously renderings of separate individuals, some male some female — no two exactly alike.

The Nine Disciples were originally Disciples of Orcus. These were some of the most powerful of Orcus’s followers formed a special cadre to the demon prince. What remains is now their burnt out husks used as a power source to fuel a planar rift that shunted the Citadel somewhere else. Now they are the components to a spell that will bring back the Citadel of Orcus. Assembling all of them in the right place will return the Citadel to the material plane.

The Nine Disciples

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