Thyr, God of Law and Justice
Alignment: Lawful Good
Domains: Good, Healing, Law, Knowledge, Protection, Strength
Subdomains: Archon, Restoration, Loyalty, Memory, Defense, Purity, Feroicty
Symbol: Silver cross on a white field
Garb: White robes trimmed with silver, purple, or gold—the colors of kingship.
Favored Weapon: Light or heavy mace
Form of Worship and Holidays: Last day of every month, the last holy day of every year is set aside for non-royalty to have their grievances heard.
Typical Worshippers: Humans, royalty

Thyr is the god of wise and just rule. He is normally depicted as a wizened king seated on a great throne holding a rod of kingship in one hand and a chalice of peace in the other. His principles are justice, order, and peace. He represents proper and traditional rule and as such was once worshiped (at least in name) by all human royalty. He is the embodiment of the enlightened human caste system where each person has a fairly determined role in a lawful society intended to create the greatest good for the greatest number. His symbol is a pure silver cross on a white field, symbolizing the upturned cross-haft of his sister Muir’s sword, which he thrust into the earth to end the god’s war.

Upon seeing the blood of so many gods shed, Thyr foreswore the use of swords, and his priests—for this reason—may not use bladed weapons. Many favor reinforced rods, similar to light maces, modeled after Thyr’s own rod of kingship. The noble eagle and the lion are his sacred creatures.


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