The Slumbering Tsar

Thraestos is watching you...

Mordecai’s Doom undone

Not knowing any better, Darius Huss strode into the Bed and Breakfast Inn to confront the evil ex party members, only to find the main room filled with mercenaries and Lucky Bjorc Balsam feverishly working behind the bar. Bourne the Damned however noticed a pale and skin flaking Alchemist at the bar, and went up to talk to him.

The Alchemist explained that he and his companion (a polearm wielding fighter standing in the corner) worked for Thraestos and that Thraestos wants to dine the parties souls for what they did with the Battlehulk, and for also what they have been doing inside Tsar. Thraestos knows exactly what the party has been doing as he is always watching. Thraestos wants the party to give themselves to him within the next new moon (3 weeks) otherwise he would unleash an army of undead onto The Camp and then onto Bard’s Gate and then onto the world!!!! cough cough cough. This initiated the quest Return of the Giant-King. Before they left, Bourne the Damned tried to talk to the polearm fighter, only to see in the fighters eyes that the adventurer he knew was no longer there.

The party then ate a dinner, and decided they should go speak with some residents about Belishan the Bloodmage. Outside Kypello Hilam questioned George the Tailor who was showing off a new hat freshly skinned. Darius Huss questioned that if George should be judge for his crimes, and George explained that The Camp was for people wanting to escape normal society were they could not be judged or punished. Darius Huss being of Lawful neutral alignment could not argue against the law of the land, and left without laying a hand on George.

The party first went and spoke with ghoul undertaker to see if he knew anything of Belishan the Bloodmage, which he did not, but did mention that he felt the call of Thraestos but all the bodies The Camp provided was all that he needed. He suggested that Father Death may know something. The party then went and spoke with Father Death who wasn’t able to help with either Belishan the Bloodmage or Thraestos.

Going back to the Bed and Breakfast Inn Bourne the Damned noticed the scent of his ex fiance and when enquiring Lucky Bjorc Balsam found out that someone matching her appearance had an room upstairs. The party followed Bourne the Damned to the room, however she was not there, instead Bourne the Damned found a note saying that she was to do to Bourne what he did to her……

The party then slept the night, and in the morning Darius Huss prepared Heroes Feast, and after dining on the meal Kypello Hilam teleported the party (minus Kaito who slept in) back to The Smithy. As Mallark Illileriel had not prepared Air Walk the only way out was up a wide, step stair cut into the bluff ascending upwards. The steps were covered by red tiles of cracked clay embossed with tiny images. At either end of each step, next to the climbing walls of the rock, were small stone statuettes depicting robed men in postures of prayer or penance, many cracked or broken off altogether.

Upon investigating. the robed statues seem to depict simple priests or pilgrims; their features seem benign, though they are worn beyond recognition and are obviously of extremely ancient make. The small images on the tiles are of three alternating patterns, also worn with age almost to the point illegibility. The patterns are framed in elaborate scrollwork, and the first two depict a longsword and a cross, respectively. The third pattern is merely blank within its curling frame. The first two patterns were recognizable as the symbols of the deities of Thyr and Muir. There were thousands of these tiles upon the giant stair, each depicting one of these three images.

Upon ascending the stair, Bourne the Damned noticed a dark shadow, and used his Gem of Seeing to reveal the monster lurking within. What was revealed was a huge devourer, and Bourne the Damned quickly engaged with the devourer dealing some blows, however the devourer managed to land its own blows draining Bourne the Damned of two negative levels.

Darius Huss cast Righteous Might and pulled out his Rod of Quicken Metamagic to cast some more spells to engage the devourer, while Mallark Illileriel doubted the parties chances of defeating the devourer, however cast Haste on the party. Kypello Hilam reacted quickly to cast Death Ward on Bourne the Damned to stop him from feeling the effects of the negative levels, but not removing them all together.

Bourne the Damned kept landing blows on the devourer while Mallark Illileriel started a summon to help in the combat. Darius Huss cast Divine Power and Shield of Faith and moved in to engage the devourer, but as Darius Huss moved in the devourer caught a glimpse of Hammer of Mordecais Doom Darius Huss was carrying, and lashed out at Darius Huss trying to drain Darius Huss of his soul. However the light was with Darius Huss, and even though he was damaged, managed to save against the more dire effect of the supernatural ability.

Kypello Hilam channelled positive energy to heal Bourne the Damned and Darius Huss, and Mallark Illileriel summon of a large dinosour placing it in a flanking position. When Darius Huss finally engaged in direct combat with the devourer, with his first blow landed a critical hit, followed by two more decisive hits, taking the massive creature down. Unbeknowest the party has completed the quest Defeat the devourer as the devourer was known as Mordecai’s Doom, and linked to the Curse on the Hammer of Mordecais Doom.

With the defeat of the devourer, the essence of Mordecai was freed. It transformed into a brightly glowing dove of pure white light. A sense of peace came over the accursed stair and the glowing soul flutters about the characters’ heads. A whisper comes to their minds telepathically saying “Use the hammer to awaken the shield and put the sleeper to rest.” It then fluttered away and disappeared into the sky. A faint crackling sound was heard on the steps, and the party noticed that the tiles that had merely framed a blank space now had the image of a kite shield etched into their surface. Darius Huss held the Hammer of Mordecais Doom to see if the curse still remained, which still did, but seemed lessened with the defeat of Mordecai’s Doom.

The party then ascended the remaining stairs (now referred to as Mordecais Stair) back into The Harrowed Lanes, and then travelled south in the direction of The Crooked Tower. On the way, similar to how a previous party member had been attacked many times and finally killed, an arrow came out of nowhere hitting Darius Huss in his neck. However the light of Thyr being with Darius Huss managed to save against the secondary effect of the arrow. Bourne the Damned with his superior vision, spotted a glint from a second story of a line spire, its base set into the side of the cliff, and the party approached to defeat the assassin.

The spire looked very precarious and portions of it have crumbled, leaving gaping holes in its structure. To hamper the assassin, Mallark Illileriel cast Obscuring Mist to make the party hidden from the assassins arrows. Bourne the Damned and Kypello Hilam moved quickly into the spire using their superior monk movement skills and wings. Darius Huss moved slowly towards the tower unsure his weight would be supported. Suddenly three more arrows came at Bourne the Damned from behind, this time however all three missed their mark and went flying over the cliff to the grunge below. Mallark Illileriel heard Darius Huss coff about how the assassin missed his mark, and moved to the other side of Mallark Illileriel and spotted the assassin. Quickly he cast Faire Fire illuminating the assassin, and the others all move to engage the assassin. However the assassin had other ideas, and cast Dimension Door to go retrieve the 3 arrows of superior slaying it just shot and missed at Darius Huss.

The combat then over, the party looked out over the cliff towards The Blood Pit to check on Thraestos progress. Even from the distance, they could visible see Thraestos stop what it was doing and look up towards the cliff at the party location as he did indeed know where the party was all the time. The thoughts of building trebuchets or casting Fireball from the location cross the party minds, but they decided to move onto the The Crooked Tower. However as seasoned adventures they searched the tower to find sort of camp with a note book with the characters portraits, indicating that someone or something had hired the assassin to kill the party. This location was then know as the Fallen Tower.

The harrowed lanes ended into a path of blood-red crushed gravel where an eerie tower stood on the edge of the cliff. Its silent windows look down like dark eyes, and the lichen-encrusted walls of gray stone give off an aura of menace. The foreboding appearance of the great house is matched only by the decorative statue that stands where the path splits, heading to the main stair and the lower stables. This artwork matches the macabre feel of the tower with a hint of mortal terror thrown in. The statue depicts some sort of fantastical
tentacled horror standing on three stumpy legs. A beaklike mouth protrudes in the midst of a naturally growing beard of thick moss that coats the central portion of the stone relief.

The adventure then ended for another day…


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