The Slumbering Tsar

Deals with demons

Don't look at strange paintings

The party with half a day till the man in the wheelchair could make good on their deal, split into to groups: Kypello Hilam and Bourne the Damned in one, and Mallark Illileriel and Bourne the Damned in the other.

Kypello Hilam and Darius Huss went to find the church of Thyr in the city, startling many in the streets of Reme as the sight of a 6ft 11 plate mail clad warrior priest, and a golden winged Aasimar striding their way through the city was a rarity compared to somewhere like Bard’s Gate. They found a run down church of Thyr and spoke to two monks who knew little and couldn’t answer anything Kypello Hilam and Darius Huss asked. Exhausted of the situation, Kypello Hilam and Darius Huss both gave the monks 10gp to fix up the chruch, and left.

Meanwhile Mallark Illileriel and Bourne the Damned ventured to the university and went to the research rooms. Used to dealing with the universities in Bard’s Gate ordered a acolyte to go find out information regarding the Antipaladin they had met in The Harrowed Lanes and the variant cult of Orcus. Mallark Illileriel . However the acolytes didn’t work like they did in Bard’s Gate and the entire room was shocked by the statement. The acolyte scampered off, while the master of the room came over to talk to the Mallark Illileriel and Bourne the Damned to find out what the commotion was about.

Mallark Illileriel apolised and explained he was after details of variant cult of [[Orcus | Orcus]. The master explained that like the churches of Thyr and Muir, the old churches have been replaced with the new churches that translate the teachings differently, and this is probably what has happened even with Orcus. So rather then bring him back to the material plane, they rather keep him in a place where they can “control” him. Satisfied with their answers, the two left leaving the acolyte Mallark Illileriel first spoke to a lifetime of research to complete, which when realizing that is how this acolytes worked, Mallark Illileriel as for a proof copy in short order.

The party then was able to sell many of the items to a black market dealer the found in the treasury, and upgraded some of the gear. They also went around asking about hiring an army or at least mercenaries to fight Thraestos undead horde. Every where they we replied with “you be better asking in ”/wikis/bards-gate" class=“wiki-page-link”> Bard’s Gate).

They then meet at an inn, where they pass the time until they were to meet back with the man in the wheelchair. Mallark Illileriel took the time to identify the item from inside the emerald model, again without success due to its near artifact level magics. At 11pm they left the inn to arrive at the man in the wheelchairs residence by 11:30pm.

When they arrived, the where shown to a 40 ft by 40ft room where the man in the wheelchair was waiting. He explained in order to gain the knowledge, he needed to summon a creature via a gate spell and then needed to ward against the creature escaping, hence the cold iron dust inlaid in resin in a circle in the centre of the room. Darius Huss surmised that the creature would be a demon, having hard of such things before. Bourne the Damned said that he could not be part of any ritual involving a demon, having a deep hatred for them, and left the room to leave the three remaining party members with the man in the chair. The doors were then closed to the room and the man in the chair cast the gate spell.

A towering, corpulent beast, with the hideous head of a boar and arms ending in fatty, four-fingered hands emerged through the gate. Mallark Illileriel identified the creature as a Nalfeshnee demon. The party spoke with the demon to answer the questions the man in the wheelchair had promised. The Nalfeshnee said it would only answer question if it was giving a secret worthy of the answers it gave. After pausing for a while, Darius Huss admitted that the church of Thyr had covered up Darius Huss killing all in a village that had been corrupted in a village, even though some may not have been corrupted. However the demon laughed that off claiming that is that churches do best, cover up the dealings of its clerics. Mallark Illileriel then told the demon of the Antipaladin and the variant church of Orcus and how they didn’t want Orcus to return. The Nalfeshnee found that hilarious and agreed they was sufficient to answer the questions.

The first question asked was “Where, exactly, will we find the burnt wooden box owned by Belshan the Blood Mage that we are looking for?” The demon tried to give a vague answer of inside Tsar, and was needed to be pushed to revel that Belishan the Bloodmage would keep an item close to him if not in his coffin.

The second question asked was “What specific and detailed tactics could we most effectively use to defeat Thrastos and prevent the destruction of the camp and Bard’s Gate?” Which he replied they should hire an army to repeal his horde… the same solution the party had come up with.

Darius Huss then asked a question remembering that Bourne the Damned was always interested in what was in the cedar box, “What is inside the cedar box”. Before the demon could speak, a pale white figure in blood red robes appeared from the shadows “Why the The Usurers’ soul of course!. But you have annoyed me to no end with your shenanigans inside my tower, and now you will suffer for it”. He then scrapped his foot across the cold iron circle, breaking the seal, releasing the demon to attack.

The Nalfeshnee first used its Unholy Nimbus, that Kypello Hilam failed to save against, and became dazzed. Hearing combat Bourne the Damned came back into the room and seeing Kypello Hilam dazed, picked her up and moved her outside the room. Darius Huss cast Righteous Might and then engaged with the Nalfeshnee, as Mallark Illileriel started a summoning spell. However the Nalfeshnee didn’t want to engage with Darius Huss rather attack the good aligned characters, used its teleport ability to go into the same room that Bourne the Damned moved Kypello Hilam to. Darius Huss followed striking the demon with his holy hammer. Mallark Illileriel dinosaur arrived and landed blows, while the Nalfeshnee focused on the dazed Kypello Hilam and crashed out of the room. The remaining party followed and before the Nalfeshnee could teleport, took the demon down.

The party went and questioned the man in the wheelchair about why Belishan the Bloodmage was allowed in his residence, which we replied that he has done deals with many powerful beings over the years, and Belishan the Bloodmage was one of the oldest beings to have dealings with. He explained that Belishan the Bloodmage resided in The Crooked Tower in the days of Tsar, but no one knew when he first arrived or where he came from. Such was his authority and power that when the rulers of Tsar elected to flee the city and draw The Army of Light in pursuit, emptying the city of inhabitants in the process. Belishan desired and was allowed to remain behind to complete his own ongoing schemes and ensure that ensure that all went according to plan of the priesthood. After completing his task, he was to rejoin the disciples of Orcus, however he chose to ignore his orders.

At the appointed time it was Belshian that activated the spell that tore he citidal from the mortal plane and sent it spinning among the planes. In a final act of definance, rather than allowing Disciples to be magically and randomly scattered, Belishan instead used his powers to snare one of the disciple statues for himself as a trophy to his own ingenuity. The result was the same except that instead of all ten statues being scattered across the entire world, one of them remained anchored in place causing the others to scatter only throughout the city itself.

The party then agreed they will have to deal with Belishan the Bloodmage in one way or another to not only get the cedar box, but also one of the The Nine Disciples. So they decided to return to the The Crooked Tower and ventured back to the Treasury room. There they saw the emerald miniature returned know summarise that Belishan took it back from the man in the wheelchair as punishment. Bourne the Damned went forward into a room room with a warm glow combined with a cheery blaze burning on the hearth. A beautifully carved, wooden desk stood against the west wall with a comfortable chair. Books and sheaves of paper sat upon the desk next to an inkwell and quill, a small sandbox beside them. The desk has several brass-handled drawers with ornate locks. A triple arch supported by two columns exits into a darkened room to the north. A cool breeze emanates through this arch swirling thin mists that lurk beyond. Three portraits hanged on the walls of this room: An ageless, silverhaired woman with a severe expression on the east wall; a jolly, rotund man standing next to laden table hangs above the mantle; and a young, dark-haired child with large, haunted eyes hangs above the desk.

As Bourne the Damned entered the room and looked at the portrait of a stern woman, he felt himself under magical attack that using his superior monk abilities was able to shrug off. However when looking at the portrait of the Jolly Glutton, he felt a magical force and found himself inside the painting facing a exact copy of himself. The replica attacked Bourne the Damned in the exact same manner Bourne the Damned would, and he found himself in an endless combat unable to hit himself, and his replica unable to hit him. Mallark Illileriel tried a dispel magic spell with no effect, and then decided to cast acid splash on the painting thinking perhaps damaging the painting would eject Bourne the Damned. However the gods were not with Bourne the Damned and he was not ejected and remained inside the strange extra dimension watching it dissolve from the acid…..


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