Return of the Giant-King

The storm giant dread ghast, Thraestos, has become a powerful faction leader within the city gathering hordes of ghouls and other undead to his cause in the Blood Pit as his court to begin a reign of undeath and eternal hunger.

In a previous adventure, the party sent a Battlehulk into the The Blood Pit to disrupt the gathering of forces. However this has only angered Thraestos.

Thraestos sent two of his servants (former adventurers who died within Tsar) to give the party a warning that Thraestos knows their every move and hungers for their souls, and if they don’t give themselves to Thraestos upon the arrival of the new moon (3 weeks time), Thraestos will send his forces out of Tsar to destroy The Camp and then onto Bard’s Gate and then the world!!!!

The party decided that Thraestos needed to be dealt with, and decided an direct assault was their best option. After first scouting out the The Blood Pit where they saw Thraestos was present with only a one other creature – a undead dragon, they decided to attack.

Buffing almost all the spells they could, Kypello Hilam teleport-ed the party into direct striking range, and with three mighty blows Darius Huss took down the undead menace. The undead dragon was then controlled by Mallark Illileriel causing the combat to be over in 2 rounds. For their efforts, the party found one of the The Nine Disciples

Return of the Giant-King

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