Kendral is a half-elf of drow descent, though this is only evidenced by the dusky cast to his olive skin. His hair is long and brown, and he wears a short goatee. Kendral wears all black garb, including a scarf over his mouth and nose.

His latest job contracted out of Reme was to recover a legendary emerald known as the Tu Chai Palace that disappeared hundreds of years ago. He managed to track its long history of being stolen and restolen to a thief working for the infamous Bloodmage of Tsar just prior to the great war that swept over that city. As a result, he carefully worked his way across the Desolation and into the city where he located this tower. He managed to infiltrate the tower avoiding the tower’s many dangers along the way. When he was on the verge of being discovered he killed the major domo with a poisoned crossbow bolt. He stuffed the body in the sideboard and entered the treasury before falling prey to the sigil trap inside the room

He is more than willing to join with a group of powerful adventurers and would even accompany them in further exploration of the city.


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