Muir, Goddess of Virtue and Paladins


Alignment: Lawful Good
Domains: Law, Good, Protection, War
Symbol: Blood-red upraised sword on a white background
Garb: White wool robes with an upraised sword and hand in red.
Favored Weapon: Longsword or bastard sword
Form of Worship and Holidays: Regular worship and fasting on the eve before known battle or before confirmation or promotion of the ranks of the faithful.
Typical Worshippers: Humans and paladins

Muir is the sister of Thyr. While he represents law and peace, she represents the martial valor necessary to make that peace a reality. As such, she is the goddess of paladins. She is often depicted as a darktressed maiden warrior in shining mail with an upraised (often bloodstained) sword.

She is noble and single-minded of purpose. The tenets of her worship include honor, truth, and courage. A great order of paladins known as the Justicars are sworn to her service. Muir expects self-sacrifice, humility, and charity as well as unswerving loyalty. Her standards are extreme and she quickly turns her back on any who fail to live up to them. Those who maintain her standards, however, may become Justicars, a prestige class of paladins imbued with even greater holiness.

Her symbol is a blood-red uplifted sword on a white background, symbolizing her endless fight against evil. Her worshippers must be lawful good. The falcon is her sacred animal. She is the tireless foe of all evil creatures and undead, demons, and devils in particular are her sworn enemy.


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